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25th August 2019news
Taxpayers Must Pay for Convicted Pedophile's Gender Reassignment Surgery: Court By Jay Greenberg

Taxpayers Must Pay for Convicted Pedophile's Gender Reassignment Surgery: Court

A federal court has ruled that taxpayers in the state of Idaho will have to pay for a convicted pedophile to undergo "gender reassignment" surgery while in prison for abusing a minor. 31-year-old transgender inmate Mason Dean Edmo was convicted of sexually abusing a child under 16 years old, according to jail records. The sex offender is due to remain in prison until July 2021. Edmo, who now goes by the name Adree and says he is a woman, wants his male anatomy surgically removed in an effort to "transition" into a female. Because Edmo is a biological male, he is being held in a men’s prison. In a December 2018 ruling (pdf), U.S. District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmell said that by not wanting to fund the surgery for Edmo, the Idaho Department of Correction and Corizon is putting the inmate at risk of harm. “For more than forty years, the Supreme Court has consistently held that consciously ignoring a prisoner’s serious medical needs amounts to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment,” the judge wrote in a ruling. “Plaintiff Adree Edmo alleges that prison authorities violated her Eighth Amendment rights by refusing to provide her with gender confirmation surgery. The Court agrees.” He claimed that the surgery was “considered medically necessary under generally accepted standards of care,” citing the ruling by a department psychiatrist and psychologist that Edmo has gender dysphoria, a medical condition where a person thinks they’re the other gender and that the judge wrote “is so severe that it impairs the individual’s ability to function.” On Aug. 23, a federal court ruled that Edmo can have the surgery and it will be funded by the state.

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