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As you may be aware or not, media is becoming more centralised and less diverse. Throughout the world and especially in the UK, corporations control a vast amount of what you read, their main objective is to control your view which is in the interest of their own objectives and not necesairly in the interest of the public.

Neon Nettle was created to add to the diversity of alternative media, giving you new insights, original sources and a fair reporting that gives both sides of the story. Our business model isn't to create profits for our shareholders, but to funnel our revenue back into the site and to our writers in order to build a publication everyone can enjoy.

How you can support us...

As you may already know, we use adverts and sponsorship to cover the sites running costs, but we have also introduced a new subscription button which enables you to subscribe to Neon Nettle and support independent media for less than a cup coffee!

Your money will be purely used for growth marketing which will help make Neon Nettle a serious contender in the battle against the corporately owned media. It will also help us to become less reliant on advertising and create more original content, helping to grow disruptive journalism and challenging traditional media.

You can also support us by sharing our articles and liking our page, all of which helps our articles reach as many people as possible.

Remember If you have any feedback or are interested in writing for us, please send an email to [email protected]

If you want to be part of a movement and help challenge a media that is only interested in their own corperate interests, then click the subscribe button below.