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Judge Jeanine Pirro Exposes 'Traitor' Peter Strzok: He's the 'Personification of the Deep State'

Pirro blasted 'fascist' FBI agent Peter Strzok

 on 19th July 2018 @ 12.00am
judge jeanine pirro slammed  smug  fbi agent peter strzok © press
Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed 'smug' FBI agent Peter Strzok

In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted FBI agent Peter Strzok, who last week testified before GOP lawmakers regarding his alleged bias against President Trump.

"Peter Strzok, the personification of the righteous left ... was a composite of pompous, arrogant, indignant, sarcastic, smug, condescending, defiant and unapologetic," Pirro said of his hearing.

Pirro also said that Strzok is "also the personification of the deep state itself, where fascism rules."

Strzok's hearing was stunning, Judge Jeanine said, adding that the text exchanges Strzok had with attorney Lisa Page betray his denial of bias.

The focus of last Thursday's hearing was the slew of Trump-bashing texts Strzok sent to lawyer Page.

He sent the texts to Page, his former co-worker, and lover, using his FBI phone while conducting investigations into Russian election meddling and Hillary Clinton's email server.

"The free-for-all in that hearing room was a sight to behold," Pirro said.

"But more than that, it was a microcosm of what the left has done when they want to shut down the right."


judge jeanine pirro slammed fbi agent peter strzok © press
Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed FBI agent Peter Strzok

Judge Jeanine said that Strzok had a plan to effectively disenfranchise the voters who elected President Trump to office.

She said that if Strzok's candidate of choice did not win the 2016 election -- "if the unthinkable were to happen" -- his insurance policy would help deal with it.

"The insurance policy, my friends, is the Russia collusion investigation."

During her opening statement, Pirro said:

"Strzok seems to share Cardinal Comey's affectation about being a selfless servant of the people… even though he seems to simultaneously hold us in contempt." 

Watch more in the video below.

(h/t Fox Insider)

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