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Actor John Cusack Calls for Coup Against President Trump, Commits Treason

Failed Hollywood actor unwittingly commits treason

 on 3rd July 2018 @ 1.00am
cusack called for a coup against trump  committing treason in the process © press
Cusack called for a coup against Trump, committing treason in the process

Actor John Cusack is calling for a coup against a legitimate sitting president.

That’s called Treason, and Plotting to Overthrow the Government.

When you boil it all down, there is only one real reason deranged Hollywood nimrods hate Trump… because he isn’t Hillary Clinton.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Their candidate didn’t win, and these whining babies just can’t handle it!

The lamestream press promised them that not only would Hillary win, it was going to be a landslide of epic proportions.

But these pundits were outnumbered in votes by 250,000 to one by people who actually love this country.

They saw how badly it declined under Obama, and wanted no more of the Liberal lunacy.

From Liberty Unyielding

It seems that Hollywood progressives have graduated from being completely unhinged and are now certifiably insane with their hatred of President Trump.

On Tuesday, actor John Cusack called for a coup against the president on Twitter and issued what looks like a thinly veiled threat, saying Trump must be “eradicated by any means…”

He started by promoting the false claim that the Trump administration is putting illegal immigrant children in cages.

“There has always been two tracts the political and legal – mueller on it-
Political track -gotta vote out the death kult [sic] and every single enabler –
And We gotta shut down trump – scare the s**t out of them – get children out of cages,” he tweeted.


john cusack struggles to find work in acting these days © press
John Cusack struggles to find work in acting these days

For the record, John Cusack is now the only person in this entire country that doesn’t know the kennel pictures were from the Obama presidency… which just goes to show that Cusack is just another misinformed Hollywood elite.

(h/t David Harris Jr.)

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