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California Had Most 'Mass Slayings' in 2019 Despite Strict Gun Control, Report Shows

State excels in violence despite some of the most stringent gun laws in the country

 on 29th December 2019 @ 6.00pm
despite california strict anti gun laws  the state had the most  mass slayings  in the country in 2019 © press
Despite California strict anti-gun laws, the state had the most 'mass slayings' in the country in 2019

Despite having some of the most stringent anti-gun laws in the country, California had more "mass slayings" than any other state in 2019, according to a new report.

An Associated Press (AP) article, reflecting on violence across America throughout the year, notes that California has more gun control than any state yet witnessed the most “mass slayings” of any state.

Most slayings “barely became national news, failing to resonate among the general public because they didn’t spill into public places,” the AP notes.

As examples of mass slayings that did make news and captured attention nationally, the report points to the El Paso, Texas, shooting; the Dayton, Ohio, shooting, and others.

AP defines a "mass slaying" as an incident "when four or more people are killed excluding the perpetrator."

The report states that a total of 41 such slayings occurred nationally in 2019, with 33 being firearm-related, while the rest were carried out with axes, knives, and other non-firearms.

california witnessed the most  mass slayings  of any state  despite strict gun control laws © press
California witnessed the most 'mass slayings' of any state, despite strict gun-control laws

“California, with some of the most strict gun laws in the country, had the most, with eight such mass slayings,” the AP reports.

California has universal background checks, gun registration requirements, gun confiscation laws, a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, an “assault weapons” ban, a one-handgun-a-month purchase limit, a ban on campus carry for self-defense, and a ban on teachers being armed to shoot back if under attack.

Before being allowed to make a gun purchase, Californians are also required to acquire a safety certificate from the state.

The state also has ammunition controls.

Despite the already-strict measures, California is enacting tough new gun-control laws in the new year.

Beginning January 1, only those 21 and older can purchase a semi-automatic rifle and Californians will only be allowed to buy one such rifle per month beginning in 2021.

Gun licensing and fees will cost more come the new year and those who aren’t allowed to own guns in another state will be banned from purchasing one in California.

In addition, the state is expanding the gun-violence restraining order program to workplaces and schools.

california is due to introduce even stricter gun control laws throughout 2020 and 2021 © press
California is due to introduce even stricter gun-control laws throughout 2020 and 2021

Right now, in California, relatives or police can get a restraining order to take away the firearms of a person who has threatened violence.

The new law allows employers, co-workers, principals, and teachers to request a restraining order.

Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-SF) says it bolsters a program that California has had for three years.

“We’re doing the most to make sure we’re proactive in preventing those mass shootings by getting the guns out of the hands of the wrong people,” said Ting.

That law takes effect in September after a training period.

Also in the new year: if you have a gun violence restraining order against you, you will not be able to buy any kind of firearm for five years.

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