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Bradley Whitford Slams Trump, Defends Hillary: Unlike Her, You're as 'Guilty as Hell'

Liberal Hollywood actor turns blind eye to Clintons scandalous legacy

 on 28th December 2019 @ 9.00pm
bradley whitford accused trump of being a coward calling him  guilty as hell © press
Bradley Whitford accused Trump of being a coward calling him 'guilty as hell'

Actor Bradley Whitford blasted President Donald Trump and the GOP while defending Hillary Clinton’s tattered legacy calling the president a “coward” who is “guilty as hell.”

Whitford, who stars in the liberal fantasy political series, The West Wing, claimed Clinton had answered all the questions put to her by “GOP nutballs.”

The actor then accused Trump of being a coward after he refused to testify under oath in the Democrats’ impeachment plan.

“Pumpkin. You know what @HillaryClinton did when @GOP nutballs accused her of stuff she didn’t do? She answered every question they had. Under oath. You’re [sic] problem is that you’re a coward. And guilty as hell,” Bradley Whitford said.

Twitter users noted that Whitford confused your/you’re.

but despite whitford s claims  hillary clinton has not exactly  answered every question © press
But despite Whitford's claims, Hillary Clinton has not exactly 'answered every question'

He wrote, “you’re” when he meant “your.”

Most people get that wrong the opposite way.

But despite Whitford's claims, Hillary Clinton has not exactly “answered every question.”

The twice-failed presidential candidate has not answered why she knowingly lied that a “Youtube video” caused the rioting in Benghazi, resulting in the death of an American ambassador.

Additionally, she has never explained why her 30,000 emails vanished.

Whitford has been know to confuse tweets for actual political activism.

despite whitford s claims that hillary has answered all questions  she still has never explained why her 30 000 emails vanished © press
Despite Whitford's claims that Hillary has answered all questions, she still has never explained why her 30,000 emails vanished.

The star told his 272,000 Twitter followers in October that Trump is a “charlatan racist sexual assaulting useful idiot of Vladimir Putin.”

Before that, Whitford claimed that Supreme Court Justice Judge Kavanaugh is a “coward” who does not deserve to be on the Supreme Court.

Whitford also pushed fake news that 40,000 people a year are killed by gun violence in the U.S.

Earlier his month, Clinton slammed Trump during an appearance on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show."

“I am sick to my stomach about what Trump did pardoning three men who were testified against by their own men because of the way that they behaved.”

Earlier this year, when Trump invoked his executive privilege to pardon several military members, Hillary Clinton responded to the news by calling his actions "grotesque."

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