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Liberals Triggered as 'It's Okay To Be White' Flyers Appear in Scotland

Flyers posted on lampposts and drainpipes throughout Perth spark outrage

 on 20th December 2019 @ 12.00pm
liberals were left feeling  unsafe  when the  it s okay to be white  flyers emerged in scotland © press
Liberals were left feeling 'unsafe' when the 'it's okay to be white' flyers emerged in Scotland

Liberals were triggered and left feeling "unsafe" after flyers with the phrase "It's Okay To Be White" appeared on the streets of Perth, Scotland this week.

The flyers were anonymously posted on lampposts and drainpipes throughout the city, sparking outrage among some locals and politicians.

Scotland's liberal Deputy Prime Minister, John Swinney of the left-leaning Scottish National Party quickly condemned the posting of the seemingly innocuous message.

Anti-Brexit Swinney described the flyers as “atrocious.”

The politician, who’s also a Member of Scottish Parliament for Perthshire North, said the flyers' message has “no place in Perth or any other part of our country,” according to the BBC.

“We must stand together to resist this unacceptable material,” Swinney also declared on social media.

john swinney of the left leaning scottish national party described the flyers as  atrocious  © press
John Swinney of the left-leaning Scottish National Party described the flyers as 'atrocious'

Why the "It's Okay To Be White" slogan is so "atrocious" and unacceptable remains unclear, however.

According to the BBC, the flyers made some locals feel “unsafe.”

The BBC article didn't further examine why the posters made them feel unsafe either.

One local reported the flyers to the group Perth Against Racism after spotting them in the streets.

“I am certainly worried now for my daughters who are not white but are from Perth,” the unnamed person told the organization.

“It’s sickening and disgusting to know that people think like this.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish police said: “Although no complaint has been made to police regarding these posters, they have been brought to our attention and officers are currently looking into the matter.”

In 2017, the same flyers appeared on streets in the United States.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended the message at the time, asking: “What is the correct position?

"That it is not okay to be white?”

in 2017  the same flyers appeared on streets in the united states © press
In 2017, the same flyers appeared on streets in the United States

As Neon Nettle reported in September, a far-left "anti-racist" conference at Edinburgh University was slammed for "blatant racism" after it banned white people from speaking and only allowed "people of color" to access certain areas.

The Scottish university came under fire for hosting the "Resisting Whiteness 2019" event, which was organized by the group QTPOC - Queer and Trans People of Color.

The event’s blurb stated that organizers will "not be giving the microphone to white people during the Q&As."

An in October, the Student’s Union at the University of Sheffield made a similarly controversial move to ban white people from attending its "anti-racism" meetings.

According to a report by The Sheffield Tab, the union claims that banning white students is part of its effort to shift from a “non-racist to an actively anti-racist” organization.

“Please note that these sessions are only open to black and minority ethnic (BME) students,” a press release from the group states.

Apparently, being an anti-racist organization means blocking white students who wish to attend their meetings.

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