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Security Video of Jeffrey Epstein's First 'Suicide' Attempt Has 'Gone Missing'

Prison surveillance footage has 'vanished,' prosecutors have revealed

 on 19th December 2019 @ 3.00pm
video footage from the security camera outside jeffrey epstein s prison cell has  vanished © press
Video footage from the security camera outside Jeffrey Epstein's prison cell has 'vanished'

Surveillance video footage, that was filmed during deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's first "suicide" attempt, has gone missing, prosecutors have revealed.

Officials say the footage was captured by the security camera outside Epstein's cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City on July 23, but it has now "vanished."

Prosecutors made the bombshell revelation in court on Wednesday, stating that they "don't know" what happened to the video, as the mystery into the Clinton-linked sex offender's death deepens.

"I don’t know the details of how it was lost or destroyed or why it wasn’t retained when it should have been," lawyer Bruce Barket told the court. 

On July 23, Epstein was found in his jail cell with neck injuries, in what appeared to be an attempt to hang himself, and was moved to suicide watch at the prison.

Two weeks later, on August 10, he was found dead and his death was officially ruled a "suicide" by hanging.

a plan of jeffrey epstein s jail cell at metropolitan correctional center in new york city © press
A plan of Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City

Authorities have no explanation as to how or why the footage from the July 23 attempt went missing, however.

They said they simply could not find it, according to TMZ.

A judge told prosecutors to look further as to how the footage disappeared. 

Epstein's cellmate at the time Nick Tartaglione, who was awaiting trial for four counts of murder, had formally requested that video be preserved two days after the suicide attempt as evidence. 

Tartaglione, a former cop, was accused of attacking Epstein the night of July 23.

But he claimed he tried to save Epstein from his suicide attempt. 

"We want to be sure that all the evidence is preserved to show that Nick behaved appropriately and even admirably that evening," Barket said in court as per the New York Post. 

"We asked for all the video and photographic evidence to be preserved, specifically this surveillance video. Now it’s gone," he added. 

Barket noted that Tartgalione has still not been questioned about Epstein's suicide.

epstein s cellmate nick tartaglione  who was awaiting trial for four counts of murder  claims he was just trying to help epstein © press
Epstein's cellmate Nick Tartaglione, who was awaiting trial for four counts of murder, claims he was just trying to help Epstein

Epstein was ultimately found dead on August 10 and his death was called an apparent suicide but no formal determination has been made. 

The circumstances of his death are now under investigation by the Justice Department. 

Two prison guards on duty the night Epstein died are accused of falsifying records in which they lied about making required checks on the financier when in reality they hadn't, leaving Epstein alone in his cell for eight hours before he was found dead.

Those guards have pleaded not guilty. 

At the time of his death, Epstein was awaiting trial for sex trafficking underage girls. 

Following Epstein's shocking death the prison has come under fire for neglect in checking in on the financier behind bars. 

In light of the controversy, the Council of Prison Locals E. O. Young stated that prisons "can't ever stop anyone who is persistent on killing themselves."

And Epstein didn't kill himself.

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