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George Soros Listed Second Most Influential Person in Ukraine

Liberal billionaire placed closely behind Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

 on 17th December 2019 @ 1.00pm
liberal billionaire george soros is listed as the second most influential person in ukraine © press
Liberal billionaire George Soros is listed as the second most influential person in Ukraine

Liberal billionaire George Soros has been listed as the second-most influential person in Ukraine by the country's leading news outlet.

Globalist Soros was listed second only to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to prominent news outlet Vesti.

In a recent article titled “Top 100 most influential people and events in Ukraine,” the Kiev-based newspaper listed Hungarian-American financier, and social engineer, as the second-most influential figure in the country.

The news outlet attributes the pro-globalization Open Society Foundation founder’s position on the list to his exceptional level of influence on the events taking place in Ukraine.

Soros reportedly funds dozens of political organizations across the country.

He also backs politicians in the Cabinet of Ministers, according to the report.

george soros was listed second only to ukraine president volodymyr zelensky © press
George Soros was listed second only to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky

Soros has been "investing" in Ukrainian politics for nearly two decades.

The wealthy financier operates under the guise of defending so-called “universal values” that don’t have a “national jurisdiction.”

Vesti notes that Soros’ Open Society Foundation financed former Georgian President and ex-head of Odessa region’s administration Mikheil Saakashvili.

The organization also funded President Zelensky’s adviser Svetlana Zalishchuk, and influential, pro-EU journalist Mustafa Nayyem.

Nayyem was recently appointed deputy general director of the Ukrainian defense company Ukroboronprom.

Soros recently declared that US President Donald Trump and other nationalist leaders will soon be defeated when the "tide turns" in favor of globalists.

george soros recently declared that globalism will rise up again © press
George Soros recently declared that globalism will rise up again

Speaking during a new interview with the New York Times, Soros says that globalism will soon rise up again to ultimately prevail.

Soros made his declaration despite nationalism making significant gains in recent years with Brexit and the election victories for President Trump and Italy's Matteo Salvini.

The Hungarian-born American billionaire acknowledges that globalists like himself are "out of favor" amid the nationalist-populist movement, but says Trump is just temporary aberration and that globalism would soon vanquish nationalism.

Speaking about "the enemies I have," Soros suggested Trump is "a dictator."

President Trump “is an aberration, and he is clearly putting his personal interests ahead of the national interests,” he told the NYT. 

“That’s a fact,” he added.

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