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'Muslims Have Begun to Leave the UK' Over Boris Johnson's Election Win, Report Claims

Left-wing British newspaper claims Muslims are leaving the country after Labour's defeat

 on 17th December 2019 @ 12.00pm
a report claims muslims are leaving the uk after boris johnson s landslide election victory © press
A report claims Muslims are leaving the UK after Boris Johnson's landslide election victory

"British Muslims have begun to leave the UK after Boris Johnson won the election," according to a report in a left-wing major newspaper.

Metro - an increasingly far-left and anti-Brexit news outlet that distributes its paper for free on public transport across Britain - claims that British Muslims are packing up and leaving the country over the Labour Party's crushing defeat, yet offers no evidence to support the assertion.

Writing for Metro, which is also handed to pedestrians for free on British streets, Basit Mahmood claimed that Muslims “have started the process of leaving the UK over fears for their ‘personal safety’ now Boris Johnson is Prime Minister for five years”.

The online article has gone viral after being widely shared on social media by people expressing anger at the Conservative Party's landslide victory.

However, the article only actually mentions discussions between the online wing of Metro and two people.

Of the two people Metro spoke to, neither of have actually left the country or even made any concrete plans to do so.

the article claims muslims are leaving the uk in response to labour s crushing election defeat © press
The article claims Muslims are leaving the UK in response to Labour's crushing election defeat

Manzoor Ali is a Muslim charity boss who has previously branded Prime Minister Johnson “nothing but a liar, a conman and a racist” who has “lied to this country time and time again,”  “offended Muslims,” and “lied to this nation for votes to leave [the European Union]” on social media, according to Breitbart.

Ali reportedly told Metro he is now “scared for [his] personal safety [and] children’s future.”

As the Metro describes it, “his family are in agreement that they should move to ensure their safety.” 

It seems, however, there have been no concrete steps towards actually realizing that goal.

In terms of destinations, it appears that Mr. Ali is not considering a move to a majority-Muslim country, but New Zealand, which “appealed to him, given the humane and compassionate manner in which the prime minister of the country, Jacinda Ardern handled the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings.”

The Metro only interviewed one other British Muslim for the article — a committed Jeremy Corbyn supporter who said, in a now-deleted tweet from a now-deleted Twitter account“I find myself sitting in my room singing 'oh Jeremy Corbyn, Oh Jeremy Corbyn' he is always going to be my prime minister! #notmygovernment #Corbynistas” in the wake of the election — who, again, merely said that she has “started looking for jobs elsewhere, maybe Turkey, maybe Pakistan.”

manzoor ali reportedly said he was considering leaving  but hasn t made any concrete plans to do so © press
Manzoor Ali reportedly said he was considering leaving, but hasn't made any concrete plans to do so

Beyond that, all Basit Mahmood presents as evidence for his claim that “A number of British Muslims have begun to leave the UK after Boris Johnson won the election” is a couple of tweets embedded in his article which suggest people unhappy with the election result are “considering my options” etc.

It may be that the article was simply meant as a counterweight to the very real evidence that a large percentage of British Jews planned to leave Britain if Jeremy Corbyn was elected, given his relationship with terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and the antisemitism rife within his party — or to elicit provocative responses on social media, which can themselves become the basis for future articles on the supposed menace of right-wing trolls.

The same now-deleted Twitter account that Metro spoke to also described Boris Johnson's win as "payback" for laughing at "stupid" Americans for voting for President Donald Trump.

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