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Democrat from Pro-Trump District Vows to Vote for Impeachment

Freshman Rep. Elissa Slotkin's Michigan district voted for Trump in 2016 election

 on 16th December 2019 @ 9.00pm
rep  elissa slotkin s michigan district voted for trump in 2016 election  yet she s vowing to vote for his impeachment © press
Rep. Elissa Slotkin's Michigan district voted for Trump in 2016 election, yet she's vowing to vote for his impeachment

A freshman Democrat congresswoman has vowed to vote for the president's impeachment, despite her district voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) has triggered outrage in her Michigan district after announcing that she will vote to impeach the president her constituents chose in the last general election. 

Slotkin vowed to back anti-Trump lawmakers in the Democratic Party when the House takes up the partisan issue later this week.

In an op-ed for the Detroit Free Press Monday, Slotkin wrote that changed her mind after previously not joining her party's calls for Trump's ouster.

Now, Slotkin claims the "evidence" regarding Trump's alleged dealings with Ukraine is too much to let voters choose the president for a second term in November.

"To be clear, presidents from both parties have leveraged the powerful role of the United States to get foreign countries to do what’s in our interest," Slotkin acknowledged.

constituents in rep  elissa slotkin s michigan congressional district are outraged after they voted for trump in 2016 © press
Constituents in Rep. Elissa Slotkin's Michigan congressional district are outraged after they voted for Trump in 2016

Rep. Slotkin claims the difference was that "President Trump used the power of the presidency for his own benefit, to give himself some advantage in the very election that would determine whether he remained in office."

Slotkin, a former CIA officer who served in Iraq, said as recently as Friday that she was undecided on the issue.

She had told Fox News that she recognized the implications support for impeachment could have on her career.

"I just have to say, maybe it's because I'm a former CIA officer and I did three tours in Iraq, sometimes you have to make calls that aren't based on a poll or on some political consultant," she said.

"If this is the end of my political career, at least I'm doing what I think is right and basing my decision on integrity. 

"That's the most I can do."

In her op-ed, she wrote that she based her decision not on politics, but on a careful review of the evidence.

"Over the past few days, I have done what I was trained to do as a CIA officer who worked for both Republicans and Democrats: I took a step back, looked at the full body of available information, and tried to make an objective decision on my vote," she wrote.

She added that she "read and re-read reports and transcripts," examined records from the Nixon and Clinton administrations, and studied the Constitution, Federalist Papers, and the "House Practice" book given to new members of Congress.

rep  elissa slotkin decided to go against her constituents and vote with anti trump democrats to impeach president trump © press
Rep. Elissa Slotkin decided to go against her constituents and vote with anti-Trump Democrats to impeach President Trump

Ultimately, Slotkin pointed to public statements from the president's attorney and Trump himself.

She referred to Rudy Giuliani discussing how he asked Ukraine to look into issues including the Bidens, and Trump's confirmation of this and subsequent comment to a reporter in which he suggested that China also investigate them.

"[I]f a President admits that he’s done it, and solicits additional help from even more capable foreign governments, then isn’t it our constitutional duty to provide a clear response to that abuse of power?" Slotkin asked. 

"Our democracy is in danger if this behavior becomes the new normal."

Slotkin is one of 31 Democrats from districts that Trump won in the last election. With Democrats holding a 233-197 majority in the House with one independent, Democrats may be able to afford losing up to 17 of their own and still impeach the president, assuming Republicans are entirely united in support of the president.

New Jersey's Jeff Van Drew has made it clear that he opposes impeachment, and has even discussed switching parties and becoming a Republican.

Slotkin, however, is firmly remaining with her party but insists her decision is not based on partisan politics.

"There are some decisions in life that have to be made based on what you know in your bones is right," she said.

"And this is one of those times."

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