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One of UK's Youngest Transgender Children Begins Life-Altering Sex Change Treatment

12-year-old given hormone blocker drugs by taxpayer-funded NHS clinic

 on 16th December 2019 @ 1.00pm
the child is being given hormone blocker drugs to start the  transition  into another gender © press
The child is being given hormone blocker drugs to start the 'transition' into another gender

One of the UK's youngest transgender children has begun life-altering sex-change treatment, according to reports.

The 12-year-old biological male child has started taking hormone blocker drugs after doctors at a taxpayer-funded National Health Service (NHS) clinic determined the child was "born in the wrong body."

The drugs will block the child from naturally starting puberty in a bid to start the process of "transitioning" genders before undergoing permanent surgery at a later stage.

The mother claims her child "realized" they were in the "wrong body" aged just three.

43-year-old Terri Lammin, from Ramsgate, Kent, says that watching her child Ash - born Ashton - grow up with gender confusion was "heartbreaking."

She claims that her born-male child "insisted" on identifying as transgender "from the moment she could speak," adding that "by age five, she was asking 'when is someone going to chop my winky off?' - and questioning why she had it at all."

born male transgender child ashley  pictured  has started sex change treatment to  transition  into a girl at age 12 © press
Born-male transgender child Ashley (pictured) has started sex change treatment to 'transition' into a girl at age 12

Ashley – whose name has been changed legally by a deed poll – is expecting to eventually undergo womb transplant surgery in the hope of bearing children later in life. 

“The journey is long and it’s still going, but I feel like the sense of victory is there through it all,” the 12-year-old told Metro.

“I hope I inspire others but I just hope that love and acceptance comes through everything,” Ashley added.

Mother Terri told Metro that Ashley will take testosterone blockers until the age of 18.

At that point, Ashley can decide whether to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

“I never thought it was a phase, Ash was just Ash,” Terri said.

"When she was three she said to me, ‘I’m a boy because you gave me a boy’s name – it’s your fault’.

"I remember feeling horrible because she blamed me.

“I’d never come across it before and I just went along with it,” she added.

"I just thought at the time 'if he’s happy, well that’s the main thing.'"

mother terri claims ashley  insisted  on being transgender  from the moment she could speak © press
Mother Terri claims Ashley 'insisted' on being transgender 'from the moment she could speak'

Terri Lammin, who homeschools Ashley, is also calling on schools to “better educate” children on transgender issues.

She argues that schools must incorporate discussions about "transgender people" into regular teaching.

“I’d like to see the subject of transgender people included in some lessons, like there are about same-sex families,” Lammin, said.

"There needs to be more about liking people for who they are, not what they are."

Ashley’s father has not commented on the situation.

Last week, LGBTQ campaign group Stonewall issued guidance to elementary schools stating that children must be taught about lesbian, gay and transgender issues in every subject from the age of five. 

Stonewall issued the guidance to coincide with the launch of new relationships and sex education (RSE) lessons that begin next September.

Parents are allowed to remove their children from sex lessons but ones covering relationships are compulsory. 

Stonewall has suggested that teachers use the LGBTQ rainbow flag to help children understand the meaning of colors. 

The group adds that teaching about LGBTQ people should be "embedded" throughout school timetables.

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