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Elderly Swedish Citizens Moved Out of Their Homes to 'Make Way for Asylum Seekers'

Residents moved from Stockholm apartments to be used for 'newly-arrived singles'

 on 10th December 2019 @ 1.00pm
elderly residents were moved out of the stockholm apartments so they can be used for asylum seekers © press
Elderly residents were moved out of the Stockholm apartments so they can be used for asylum seekers

Dozens of elderly Swedish citizens have been forced to vacate their homes in Stockholm so they can be used to house "newly-arrived single" asylum seekers, according to reports.

Forty-eight apartments, that previously housed elderly residents, have now been refurbished to accommodate individual migrants claiming asylum in Sweden.

Last week, asylum seekers moved into their new homes at Dianagården, a residential building in Stockholm.

The property's former elderly occupants were reportedly told they had to leave because of health and safety issues.

The residents were forced to leave because the toilets in the building were five centimeters too small to comply with building regulations, according to a report by Fria Tider.

The Swedish news outlet alleges that politicians simply used the building code violation as a pretext to remove the elderly to make way for the refugees at a later date.

elderly residents were moved out of the apartments to make way for  newly arrived singles © press
Elderly residents were moved out of the apartments to make way for 'newly-arrived singles'

Although many Swedes were outraged upon hearing about the news, liberal Swedish officials have attempted to put a positive spin on the move. 

Andrea Ström of the Moderate Party claims that allocating 48 units to “contribute to integration” is a “very good” thing. 

In Europe, Sweden has taken in more asylum seekers and migrants per capita than any other country, since the migrant crisis began in 2015.

In addition to spiraling violent crime and sexual assaults, the influx is contributing to a financial strain on taxpayers.

Swedish municipalities are running out of funds to support the rising number of welfare-dependent migrants.

In November, SVT Nyheter reported that eight of ten municipalities in Sweden is set to slash funds for basic public services to offset the high cost of taking in large numbers of welfare-dependent migrants.

Including in those cuts is funding for the disabled and the elderly.

The Swedish municipality of Hässleholm is facing bankruptcy after a large number of asylum seekers taken in by the district is now on mostly on welfare.

In 2010, Hässleholm Municipality in Skåne County, southern Sweden had only 18,500 inhabitants but has since taken in almost 3000 migrants.

According to the latest figures, up to 80 percent of the refugees taken in are now on welfare.

the elderly swedish citizens were moved out of their homes so they can be used for  single  asylum seekers © press
The elderly Swedish citizens were moved out of their homes so they can be used for 'single' asylum seekers

The situation in Sweden has deteriorated to such an extent that, last month, neighboring Denmark's government has introduced border checks from Sweden to ensure their country’s security.

The move came after a spate of bombing attacks and shootings in Copenhagen that have been blamed on violent gang members crossing the border from Sweden.

Border controls will occur at ferry crossings at Rønne (Bornholm), Helsingør (Zealand), Frederikshavn and Grenaa (both Jutland) and at the Øresund Bridge and on all rail connections between Sweden and Denmark,” the Local reports.

And following a series of rapes in Uppsala, Sweden over the summer, Swedish police started urging women to reconsider "how to behave" while out in public.

Police spokesperson Mikael Hedström issued a warning to the public in August, saying that "perpetrators are looking for solitary men and women."

"Women in town should not be worried but must think about how to behave," Hedström warned.

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