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Bill & Hillary Clinton Made Frequent Visits to Epstein's Notorious Ranch: Witnesses

Estate workers say Clintons were regular guests as pedophile's cowboy-themed village

 on 4th December 2019 @ 5.00pm
workers at jeffrey epstein s notorious new mexico ranch say the clinton were frequent guests © press
Workers at Jeffrey Epstein's notorious New Mexico ranch say the Clinton were frequent guests

Witnesses have reportedly stated that Bill and Hillary Clinton were frequent guests at convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's notorious "baby-making ranch" in New Mexico.

Workers on the estate say the Clintons made regular visits to the deceased sex offender's cowboy-themed village in the desert.

The disgraced financier's estate manager says the ranch operated as a regular business for most of the year until Epstein and his rich and powerful guests visited.

Bill Clinton was Epstein's closest "celebrity mate" and visited Zorro Ranch "a whole bunch of times," with wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea joining him on some visits, a former contractor who ran the IT system at the property reportedly told the Daily Mail.

The Clintons allegedly visited the 10,000-acre New Mexico desert estate often but never stayed in the main house. 

Instead, the Clinton family bunked down in a special cowboy-themed village created by Epstein, which is a mile south of his own luxury mountaintop villa.

epstein s notorious  baby making ranch  is in the new mexico desert © press
Epstein's notorious 'baby-making ranch' is in the New Mexico desert

According to the Daily Mail, the Clintons used one of the two guest houses, which look like they're straight out of the 19th century.

The guest homes are next to other traditional Wild West-style buildings such as an old schoolhouse and saloon bar.

An American flag is raised high above the village, which is next door to Epstein's private airstrip, where he arrived on his private planes, including his infamous "Lolita Express."

This is all according to security expert Jared Kellogg, who was brought in by long-standing ranch manager Brice Gordon to improve security and set up a camera system at the main house and "cowboy village."

When contacted comment, Bill Clinton's press office referred us to a statement released over the summer.

The statement denied he had ever visited any of Epstein's residences, apart from once at Epstein's home in New York City. 

Kellogg said that at the time of his site walk of Epstein's property, he had barely any knowledge of Epstein's reputation but he said Gordon spent most of the time boasting about the Clintons' frequent appearance at the estate.

The ranch is one of several Epstein's homes where underage girls were flown in from all around the world. 

The New York Times claimed the convicted pedophile confided in scientists that he planned to impregnate up to 20 women at a time at the ranch to improve the human race with his genes.

Kellogg said: "My contact was Brice, their main concern was that there was no video surveillance on the property at all.

"I thought this was a simple request, as they wanted surveillance to protect their investment. It's a huge site.

"But what was weird was that the whole time I was on-site, Brice would be bragging about how the Clintons would visit, the whole family.

"Not just Bill, but Bill, his wife, their kid, and they would stay on the ranch itself.

"He had built this Western replica village with a saloon, barn houses, old schoolhouse and when you're walking through it, it feels like you're walking through the 1800s. 

"His biggest concern was monitoring and covering that area, so my main focus was mounting cameras on poles to cover the driveways, walkways, the ins and outs of each house and facilities.

"It was like Westworld, it's like they built a functioning movie set, they put a lot of thought and detail into it, the flooring and facilities in there.

"I was saying how cool the replica houses were, they're pretty neat like the 1800s.

"He said: 'Yeah, they're built for guests, we get a lot of visitors. It's really cool the Clintons come out and hang out [with Epstein].'

"It sounded like a normal summer vacation."

Epstein and Bill were once friends, and in August it was revealed the convicted pedophile even had a bizarre portrait of Bill wearing a dress hanging on the wall of his New York mansion. 

The picture depicted the former president apparently lounging on a chair in the Oval Office, wearing red heels and posing suggestively in a blue dress redolent of Monica Lewinsky and was in a room off the stairway of Epstein's Upper East Side townhouse, estimated to be worth $56 million.

The dress is also strikingly similar to one worn by Hillary Clinton at the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors. 

Bill has admitted on his own account he has visited Epstein's townhouse once - making it possible he could have seen the bizarre painting.

He has also flown on the now-deceased financier's private plane, dubbed the Lolita Express, several times,  

Clinton has however denied being on Epstein's "pedophile island," Little St. James but one of Epstein's former sex slaves, Virginia Roberts, claimed she saw Clinton on the island for a dinner held in his honor shortly after he left office, and stood by the claim when questioned under oath.

Over the summer, the former president's office said Bill had not known anything of Epstein's crimes and had taken four trips with him in 2002 and 2003 - although flight logs showed that he had taken a total of at least 26 individual flights in the course of those years. 

Kellogg said he was stopped from going into certain areas of the estate, but did briefly go into an underground section of the main house.

In November, a former contractor revealed to the Daily Mail that Epstein had built a secret basement "strip club." 

"My access was very controlled. During the site walk, it was dictated where I could and couldn't go.

"There were certain facilities I wasn't allowed to go in, which was odd, as they were boarded up, and they looked like they could have big parties in them, but I didn't think much of it.

"They wanted to put very, very limited camera coverage on the main house itself.

"I was going to put up a couple of cameras on the exterior of the main entrance.

"At the main entrance, there's a downward slope at the back that goes into the basement.

"I was able to briefly go in. There was a long hallway to a big foyer and there was a door and that was about it. The two guest houses I was not permitted to go into," Kellogg said.

jeffrey epstein had a painting of bill clinton wearing hillary s blue dress and red shoes   bill also made at least 26 flights on  lolita express © press
Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing Hillary's blue dress and RED SHOES - Bill also made at least 26 flights on 'Lolita Express'

"Due to security reasons, I wasn't permitted to even put a camera location on the drawing that we would then have on our records," Kellogg continues.

"What is odd is that as a security professional, for me to give the best protection I can give a customer, I need the full layout of the land.

"I need to see the nooks and crannies, all the blind spots. They were limiting that access.

"The staff only lived in one house, as far as I was aware, which is the one nearest to the main gate.

"The saloon bar is in the center [of the village], there's a bar area and looks like where they'd throw parties from my own observations.

"There's also a barn/hay storage, and they'd put tractors and other vehicles in it."

Considering Epstein was a multi-millionaire, Kellogg said Gordon wanted to do the security on the cheap. 

Instead of using an expensive, robust camera system, which used underground cables, he wanted a "point-to-point wireless fluid mesh design," which means cameras are operating via antenna and it's considerably cheaper.

After Kellogg did an estimate and sent in a plan, he never heard back.

He said: "They had this huge facility, but it felt like they didn't have the money to do anything.

"They were trying to find the most cost-effective way to transmit video footage and we had to come up with a point-to-point wireless fluid mesh design because normally we want to trench everything.

"It saves money as you don't have to build a trench and put in a cable.

"What was odd to me was that I wasn't able to interact with Epstein.

"If it's your house, you have your concerns, the task had been delegated to Brice, he seemed to be in charge of everything.

"I did my site walk, I did my estimate, I sent it in, and it basically fell on deaf ears and there was no contact back to me."

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