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2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg Vows Taxpayer-Funded Health Care for Illegal Aliens

Mayor Buttigieg says his government will fund medical costs for illegal immigrants

 on 3rd December 2019 @ 3.00pm
2020 democrat pete buttigieg has pledged taxpayer funded  free  health care for illegals © press
2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg has pledged taxpayer-funded 'free' health care for illegals

2020 Democrat Mayor Pete Buttigieg has vowed that his government will provide taxpayer-funded "free" health care to all illegal aliens living in the United States.

On Sunday, Buttigieg was filmed telling a Hispanic worker in South Carolina that, if he was elected president, illegal immigrants would have access to government-funded medical care.

Buttigieg spoke to the fast-food worker in Spanish while explaining who would be covered under his proposed plan.

A clip of the exchange was published by The Republican National Committee Research Team.

The RNC also provided a translation of the South Bend Mayor’s remarks.

pete buttigieg was filmed telling a fast food worker that he give  free  health care to illegal aliens as president © press
Pete Buttigieg was filmed telling a fast food worker that he give 'free' health care to illegal aliens as president

"So the most important thing for me is that we offer the opportunity for health care to all in our country, and this includes the opportunity to buy this plan of Medicare for All who want it," Buttigieg told the worker in Spanish, according to the RNC translation.

"That is our solution. And this opportunity to buy this plan is for everyone regardless of their immigration status."

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Just because Pete Buttigieg is from Indiana doesn’t make him a moderate,” Republican National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said on Twitter.

Others on Twitter challenged Buttigieg to make his position clear in English.

The Buttigieg campaign has yet to respond to requests for comment.

Buttigieg participated in a roundtable with fast-food workers on Sunday sponsored by The Fight for $15 Action Fund and South Carolina McDonald’s workers, according to Breitbart.

The Mayor is working to earn support from voters in South Carolina, where he is trying to boost his low poll numbers in the state.

under pete buttigieg s government  illegal aliens can relax and let american taxpayers worry about funding their  free  health care © press
Under Pete Buttigieg's government, illegal aliens can relax and let American taxpayers worry about funding their 'free' health care

Elsewhere, as Neon Nettle previously reported, Pete Buttigieg attended a public event on Sunday, where Pastor William Barber claimed that illegal aliens from Mexico were simply reclaiming "stolen land" from the United States while the 2020 Democrat nodded along, seemingly in agreement.

“We call people illegal aliens," Pastor Barber told the crowd at a Sunday service in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

"Why can’t we just own in America that some of the people that are trying to come from Mexico here are coming back to land we stole?” he asked.

“And the reason we took the land is because people wanted to keep their slaves?”

Buttigieg listened and nodded along without disputing Barber's radical claims about America stealing land, while some in the congregation applauded.

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