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Biden Attacks Trump Over Withheld Ukraine Aid, Ignores Obama Admin Bribery

As vice president, Joe Biden withheld Ukrainian aid to force prosecutor firing

 on 21st November 2019 @ 1.00pm
joe biden attacked trump over withheld aid  even though he boasted about bribing ukraine using us aid as leverage © press
Joe Biden attacked Trump over withheld aid, even though he boasted about bribing Ukraine using US aid as leverage

2020 Democrat Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump over withheld aid to Ukraine, completely ignoring the fact that the Obama Administration held back US aid from the Ukrainian Government while he was vice president.

Presidential candidate Biden slammed Trump during Wednesday night's Democratic debate for withholding aid to Ukraine.

Over the summer, the Trump Administration had US military aid for Ukraine on hold while the funding was awaiting approval - which is considered normal protocol when providing aid to countries with a history of corruption.

The aid was later approved, yet Democrats are claiming - as the basis for their anti-Trump impeachment inquiry, without any evidence to support the allegations - that the president withheld the funding to force Ukraine to investigate Biden's family dealings in the country.

Biden used these unfounded accusations against Trump to bash the president during the Dem debate.

However, it's widely known that while he was vice president, the Obama Admin bribed Ukraine by withholding lethal aid to the besieged country.

joe biden previously boasted that he withheld aid from ukraine until they met his demands © press
Joe Biden previously boasted that he withheld aid from Ukraine until they met his demands

The key difference between the Trump and Obama admins' withholding of aid is there's no evidence of a quid-pro-quo with Trump, whereas Biden has publicly boasted that he held the Ukrainian government over a barrel.

The Democrats are pushing conspiracy theories about Trump's handling of Ukraine aid, with only hearsay to support the claims, while there's a lot more evidence to refute them.

On the other hand, while he was vice president, Joe Biden withheld $1 billion in US aid from Ukraine, telling them they would only receive it if they met his demands.

The condition was they would only get the money if the Ukrainian government fired their top prosecutor Viktor Shokin, which they did.

Shokin was investigating the notoriously corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings at the time he was fired.

"Coincidentally," Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was a member of the board at Burisma, at the same time, where he was paid $50,000, despite a complete lack of experience in the energy sector or in Ukraine business in general.

So how do we know about this "conspiracy theory" involving Joe Biden withholding aid? Because he said so:

Despite the allegations of corruption against himself and his family in Ukraine, Biden still saw it fit to bash Trump with unfounded allegations during the Democrat Debate.

Asked about the current impeachment effort against President Donald Trump, Biden criticized the president for holding up aid to Ukraine while people in the country "are getting killed by Russian soldiers."

"I learned number one that Donald Trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. That's pretty clear," Biden said at the debate.

"He held up aid to make sure that—while at the same time innocent people in the Donbas are getting killed by Russian soldiers."

joe biden and his son hunter are accused of corruption related to their dealings in ukraine © press
Joe Biden and his son Hunter are accused of corruption related to their dealings in Ukraine

According to the Free Beacon, when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, the Obama administration refused to send lethal aid.

Instead, the Obama administration decided to send nonlethal aid and enact sanctions in response to Russian aggression.

The Obama administration sent more than $120 million in security assistance and an additional $75 million worth of equipment including UAVs, counter-mortar radars, night-vision devices, and medical supplies.

Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in early 2014 and has continued its aggression in eastern Ukraine.

The Trump administration approved lethal aid to Ukraine in 2017, which included Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The Obama administration's reluctance to provide lethal aid to Ukraine during its fight with Russia has come up throughout this week's impeachment hearings.

Even witnesses critical of the Trump administration's Ukraine policy have conceded that the current White House has done far more to supply Ukraine with the aid necessary to compete with Russia.

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