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Sweden's Justice Minister: Rising Violent Migrant Crime 'Doesn't Matter to Me'

Top Swedish official caught on hot mic saying spiraling violence 'doesn't matter' to him

 on 21st November 2019 @ 12.00pm
minister of justice morgan johansson was heard saying rising violent crime  doesn t matter to me © press
Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson was heard saying rising violent crime 'doesn't matter to me'

Sweden's minister of justice was caught on a hot mic during a parliamentary debate, whispering that the country's spiraling violent crime due to mass migration "doesn't matter to me."

Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson of the Social Democrats - Sweden's ruling left-wing party - was overheard making the remark during a debate about the rise in gang rapes and personal robbery as a result of his party’s immigration policy.

Richard Jomshof, secretary of the Sweden Democrat Party - the Swedish conservative, populist opposition party - was listing worrying statistics on criminal violence while the pair traded blows.

During the immigration debate, Jomshof reads several newspaper headlines aloud, including: "112 children have been robbed in Gothenburg;" "50 youths hold Växjö city hostage;" "Rise in group rape in Stockholm."

“This is just a small selection that clearly shows what the policy that Morgan Johansson represents – and what it has led to,” Jomshof states.

In response, the Social Democrat Justice Minister was heard muttering under his breath: "For me, it doesn’t matter."

sweden has seen a sharp rise in violent crime in recent years © press
Sweden has seen a sharp rise in violent crime in recent years

According to a 2018 BBC report, about 58% of men convicted in Sweden of rape and attempted rape over the past five years were born abroad.

The data was compiled by Swedish national TV broadcaster SVT, who said it had counted all court convictions to present a complete picture in Sweden.

SVT revealed that in cases where the victim did not know the attacker, the proportion of foreign-born offenders was more than 80 percent.

A former police officer born in Afghanistan told SVT that some young Afghans who had come to Sweden in recent years had views that differed significantly from Sweden's idea of sexual equality.

The steep rise in migration also raised questions about Sweden's ability to integrate immigrants.

The disturbing recent admission from Johansson suggests the Social Democrats are uninterested in the negative impact of mass migration, according to Nyheter Idag.

Johansson’s utterances can be heard at 17:08 in the video below:

Mr. Johansson’s words are indicative of his disregard for working and middle-class Swedes who’ve been forced to deal with the consequences of his party’s reckless policies in the real world.

During the same debate, Johansson likened the populist Sweden Democrats' position on immigration to anti-Semite fascists in the 1930s who wanted to “stop the Jewish import.”

areas in swedish cities have become ghettoized by migrants  leading to a rise in gang crime © press
Areas in Swedish cities have become ghettoized by migrants, leading to a rise in gang crime

Resorting to such a smear suggests Johansson and his Social Democrat party know they are losing the debate.

Recent polls also further support this notion. 

A new survey carried out by the Swedish polling company Demoskop placed the Sweden Democrats as the most popular party in the country.

In fact, the party is ahead of the Social Democrats by a few percentage points.

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