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Boris Johnson: Migrants Must Pay for Healthcare from 'Day One' Under Immigration Plan

British prime minister reveals his post-Brexit immigration policy

 on 18th November 2019 @ 12.00pm
boris johnson s new immigration plan will toughen up on the uk s free healthcare © press
Boris Johnson's new immigration plan will toughen up on the UK's free healthcare

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to toughen up on giving migrants access to the UK's taxpayer-funded NHS healthcare system as part of his new post-Brexit immigration plan.

PM Johnson's new policy will aim to crack down on the rise in "health tourism," where foreign migrants get "free" treatment in the UK, costing Britain's taxpaying public billions a year.

Under Johnson's new plan, all migrants will pay a £625 ($810) surcharge for NHS care, regardless of whether or not they use the health service, from "day one" of Britain leaving the EU.

In a statement Sunday, BoJo also revealed that EU migrants who move to the UK will no longer receive preferential treatment over British citizens.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, the prime minister said: "If people return a majority Conservative government we will ensure that people who come to our great country from anywhere in the world will contribute on day one to our NHS.

"The British people pay huge amounts to get great NHS care, it is only fair that everyone in the UK does."

the new immigration plan will restrict migrants accessing the uk s taxpayer funded nhs © press
The new immigration plan will restrict migrants accessing the UK's taxpayer-funded NHS

According to Metro, EU migrants are currently exempt from charges, while those outside the EU pay £400 ($520).

Tory immigration policies also include a five-year wait to obtain welfare payments, as Mr. Johnson pledges to bring the number of migrants down "overall."

All migrants would be treated the same from January 2021 under the new Conservative plans.

Mr. Johnson said: "As we come out of the EU we have a new opportunity for fairness and to make sure all those who come here are treated the same.

"We will make our immigration system equal."

When asked whether Labour would continue freedom of movement after Brexit, the party's socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn told BBC TV there would be "a great deal of movement."

However, the full details of both parties’ policies will be released in election manifestos expected to be published this week.

Mr. Corbyn and Mr. Johnson are due to go head-to-head in their first televised debate on Tuesday evening, as opinion polls show the Tories to have the highest level of support since 2017.

The Conservatives lead Labour by 10-17 percentage points, four polls late on Saturday showed.

Corbyn has stated he will not form a coalition government if his party fails to secure a majority in parliament.

He said: "We are not forming coalition governments, we will put forward the program on which we will have been elected.

"The SNP will have a choice, do they want to put Boris Johnson back in … or are they going to say a Labour government will deliver for Scotland."

health tourism is crippling the nhs  costing british taxpayers billions © press
Health tourism is crippling the NHS, costing British taxpayers billions

When questioned on demands for a Scottish independence referendum in return for the support of the Scottish National Party, he added: "We are not doing deals with anybody."

Mr. Johnson hopes to win a majority to push through his Brexit deal, but Mr. Corbyn has promised to renegotiate the exit agreement and then hold another referendum.

The Conservative leader plans a Brexit debate in parliament on December 23 if he wins, The Mail on Sunday reports.

Mr. Johnson has claimed all Conservative election candidates have pledged to vote for his Brexit deal in parliament.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, he said: "If we get a majority Conservative government we can deliver and there will be no more wrangling or dither or delay."

The prime minister failed to get his deal approved by parliament ahead of the October 31 deadline after MPs opposed fast-tracking the agreement.

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