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Sweden to Use Money from Dead Swedes to Fund Drag Queen Story Hour Events

Swedish Government spending $175,000 from Public Inheritance Fund to advance DQSH

 on 12th November 2019 @ 12.00pm
sweden is investing  175k from the public inheritance fund into drag queen story hour events © press
Sweden is investing $175k from the Public Inheritance Fund into Drag Queen Story Hour Events

The Swedish Government is investing large sums of money from dead Swedes to fund Drag Queen Story Hour events across Sweden.

The government will dip into the Public Inheritance Fund - money left behind by people who died with no spouse or close relatives and didn't leave their estate in a will - and inject it into the LGBTQ events for children.

The controversial events have seen a rapid rise across America and involve male adult entertainers who dress up in "women's" clothing and makeup and read stories to children, usually in a public library or other taxpayer-funded space.

The DQSH events have triggered a widespread backlash from parents, and others, concerned about the adult themes the children are being exposed to.

A Public Library in Houston, Texas triggered outrage by hiring a child sex offender, who was charged with sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy in 2008, for their "Drag Queen Storytime" program.

At a separate DQSH in Portland, Oregan, images emerged of a drag queen rolling around on the floor with the kids and making "inappropriate contact," which the "performer," Carla Rossi later blamed on the children, claiming they pushed the six-foot-tall man to the ground and climbed on top of him.

the drag queen story hour events in america have been widely controversial © press
The Drag Queen Story Hour events in America have been widely controversial

Now, the Swedish Government has decided to dip into The Public Inheritance Fund and delegate $175,000 to Kulturföreningen Mums, an organization that seeks to promote the LGBTQ lifestyle through Drag Queen Story Hour events across Sweden.

In a statement, Kulturföreningen Mums describes organizing their own equivalent to Drag Queen Story Hour.

The project will, together with children, young people and adults with disabilities, develop available normative creative fairy tales in the form of drag shows. 

"Together with the target group and several organizations, the established business 'Among Dragons and Drag Queens' will create new fairy tales that reflect the target group.

On their website, the group says it is “violating norms in a beautiful way.”

The group will now receive large chunks of money from the inheritance pot to "violate norms" by exposing young children to transgenderism, drag shows, and other adult themes.

the group organizing the drag queen story hour events says it is  violating norms in a beautiful way © press
The group organizing the Drag Queen Story Hour events says it is 'violating norms in a beautiful way'

American Drag Queen Story Hour shows, in which children are often exposed to graphic sexual imagery, have run into fierce opposition.

The library-hosted events have been linked to prostitution and sex offenders, and parents across America have sought to cancel the events in defense of the innocence of children.

Despite Sweden being a progressive utopia, respondents on Twitter weren’t so enthusiastic.

One of them described the situation as “economic-necrophilia.”

Another blasted the move, saying: “Note to f***ing self: Don’t let your children near these people.”

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