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Judge Slams Foster Parents for 'Westernizing' Muslim Children, Letting them Eat Bacon

Western parents accused of 'playing God' with kids rescued from abusive Islamic family

 on 12th November 2019 @ 12.00am
judge angela finnerty  pictured  slammed the foster parents for trying to  westernize  the muslim children by feeding them bacon © press
Judge Angela Finnerty (pictured) slammed the foster parents for trying to 'westernize' the Muslim children by feeding them bacon

A judge has slammed a pair of foster parents, describing their behavior as "abhorrent" over claims they fed Muslim children bacon while in their care.

Judge Angela Finnerty blasted the unnamed foster parents from Yorkshire, UK, accusing them of attempting to "Westernize" the children, who were rescued from an abusive Muslim family and placed in their care.

The biological father, who lost custody of his children for violently abusing their mother, accused the foster parents of "playing God" by not continuing their strict Muslim upbringing.

Judge Finnerty agreed with the biological parents, saying she "shared" their "abhorrence" over the fact the children were served bacon and eggs for breakfast, according to The Sun. 

The newspaper further reports that “one of the children also ate a hot dog at a fair” while in the foster parents' care.

During the court hearing in York, the judge said the foster carers had failed to address the children's "religious needs."

the foster parents were slammed for feeding the rescued muslim children bacon © press
The foster parents were slammed for feeding the rescued Muslim children bacon

“One matter that sits terribly with me is that they have been feeding my children bacon,” the biological father complained indignantly to the judge.

"You yourself told [the foster parents] not to feed my children pork products."

According to Breitbart, the kids were taken into care in the first place as a result of concerns about the father violently abusing the children’s mother.

It was alleged that the foster parents told the children “If we make bacon, you eat it,” but they objected that the children had simply Westernised and, according to The Sun, “turned their backs on religion.”

Judge Finnerty took a stand on behalf of Islam at her court in York, however.

Finnerty declared that she “shared the abhorrence of the [biological] parents” that their children had eaten bacon sandwiches.

The judge agreed with the suggestion that they may have Westernized due to “their cultural and religious needs not having been sufficiently nurtured in foster care.”

Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation, has demanded the foster parents make a "public apology."

“There should be a public apology not just to the family but to the community as well,” Shafiq said in a statement.

mohammed shafiq  of the ramadhan foundation has demanded a public apology from the foster parents © press
Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation has demanded a public apology from the foster parents

It has become increasingly common for non-Muslims in the United Kingdom to be essentially forced to eat halal meat, slaughtered in accordance with Islamic religious principles which many non-Muslims object to for ethical reasons.

For example, Breitbart reported in 2017 that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was only serving halal meat, and in 2018 that in many schools “all of the meat served is non-stunned” with “no alternative options” without “the knowledge or consent of the majority of pupils and parents.”

Indeed, in one council area, a democratic vote to stop serving halal meat in schools — including Christian schools — was overturned after a council of mosques threatened a to organize a school boycott and launch a judicial review.

There have also been cases of non-Muslim children being penalized for objecting to Islamic food practices, with a vegetarian schoolgirl who described halal as “inhumane” in an exam paper being failed forobscene racial comments” earlier this year.

A university student also claimed to have been suspended for describing halal as “cruel” and “inhumane” in February.

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