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Joe Biden Calls for Ban on Guns with Magazines that Hold '100 Clips'

Gaffe-meister makes another blunder while attacking Second Amendment in New Hampshire

 on 11th November 2019 @ 5.00pm
joe biden got confused during a campaign stop    again © press
Joe Biden got confused during a campaign stop... again.

Gaffe-prone Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden declared during a New Hampshire campaign stop that guns that "have a magazine with 100 clips in it" should be banned.

Leftists often refer to ammunition feeding devices as “clips” instead of magazines.

While making an anti-Second Amendment push, Biden used the word “clips” in place of bullets.

As he was addressing a small crowd of supporters in Concord, NH, former Vice President Biden realized his mistake and corrected himself before mumbling incoherently.

The video from the campaign stop was published by CSPAN, showing Biden declaring: “I believe in the Second Amendment, but nobody says you can have a magazine with 100 clips in it.”

“100 bullets in it,” he quickly adds before verbal diarrhea kicks in.

joe biden attempted to attack americans  second amendment rights  but it didn t go well © press
Joe Biden attempted to attack Americans' Second Amendment rights, but it didn't go well

On November 5, Breitbart reported Biden’s demand that the U.S. Senate vote on Democrat gun control.

On October 29, Biden called for a plan that AR-15 and “high capacity” magazine owners either surrender their rifles and feeding devices to law enforcement or register them with the government.

On October 5, Biden declared that he wants people to be able to sue firearm manufacturers for crimes committed with their products.

The manufacturers of firearms that are legally made and sold are currently protected from frivolous suits via the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005).

Biden said, “No other outfit in history has gotten this kind of protection,” and he claimed the suits would result in “change overnight,” if he were elected president.

joe biden recently stated that beto o rourke s gun grabbing rhetoric was  inspiring © press
Joe Biden recently stated that Beto O'Rourke's gun-grabbing rhetoric was 'inspiring'

Earlier this month, Biden heaped praise on Democratic 2020 drop-out Beto O'Rourke, saying his "passion" for gun confiscation is "inspiring."

Biden was responding to news that former Texas Democrat Rep. O'Rourke was dropping out of the race for the Democratic nomination.

The former VP pointed to O’Rourke’s anti-Second Amendment pledge to push for gun control by confiscating automatic rifles from law-abiding American citizens.

Beto's gun control efforts were characterized by his vows to force people to hand over their AR-15 and AK-47 rifles to his government.

During a Democrat Debate on September 12, 2019, Beto stated“Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.”

He then doubled-down on his pledge by telling MSNBC the confiscatory policy would be mandatory not voluntary.

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