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Soon, 35 Percent of Germany's Population Will Have Migrant Backgrounds

Researchers predict number will rise from current 25 percent in just 20 years

 on 10th November 2019 @ 12.00pm
cuurently  25  of the germany population has migrant backgrounds  but that is predicted to soon rise to 35 © press
Cuurently, 25% of the Germany population has migrant backgrounds, but that is predicted to soon rise to 35%

In just twenty years' time, 35 percent of the population in Germany will be comprised of people with migrant backgrounds, according to new projections by researchers.

Currently, around 25 percent of the German population is made up of migrants or people with migrant roots.

That number is expecting to continue rising, however, according to Herbert Brücker, who heads the migration research department at the Federal Institute for Employment Research (IAB).

Speaking to German outlet Welt daily, Brücker says Germany "will become more diverse."

“Currently, about a quarter of the people in German have a migrant background,” Professor Brücker said.

“In 20 years, it will be at least 35 percent but could also be more than 40%.”

germany s population is expanding with foreign nationals © DW
Germany's population is expanding with foreign nationals

At the same time, those with migrant backgrounds are expected to make up 70 percent of the inhabitants living in large cities by 2040, Deutsche Welle reports.

Brücker, an economics professor at the University of Bamberg, also notes that the proportion of migrants inhabiting German cities is likely to be higher. 

“What we see in the big cities today will be normal for the country as a whole in the future.

"In a city like Frankfurt, we’ll have between 65% to 70%.”

For Brücker, in order to keep Germany’s robust economy "stable," the country will have to attract a broad "range of nationalities."

The IAB suggests that 400,000 new migrants will have to be imported each year until 2060 to keep the economy from contracting.

However, the challenge for Germany is to continue to draw highly-skilled migrants to the country.

A large number of migrants heading into Germany are from Syria and arrive underqualified for work with insufficient education levels, often ending up in the welfare system rather than joining the workforce.

Brücker said Germany would need to open itself up to other countries as the labor pool from southern and eastern European countries is exhausted.

by 2040  35 percent of germany s population will be made up of migrants and people with migrant roots © press
By 2040, 35 percent of Germany's population will be made up of migrants and people with migrant roots

As for vast swaths of the German population that would like to preserve their cultural heritage, they may one day become the minority.

The priority for Brücker and Germany's globalist government, however, is that the economy remains strong at all costs.

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