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Voter Fraud: Watchdog Finds 24,000 Potentially Fraudulent Records in Florida County

Legal group uncovers double voting and thousands of dead voters in Palm Beach County

 on 9th November 2019 @ 12.00am
a watchdog has uncovered thousands of potentially fraudulent voter records in palm beach county  florida © press
A watchdog has uncovered thousands of potentially fraudulent voter records in Palm Beach County, Florida

A legal watchdog has uncovered 24,000 potentially fraudulent voter records in Palm Beach County, Florida, sparking major concerns of mass-voter fraud, according to a new report.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a group that litigates to protect election integrity, found hundreds of instances of double voting and thousands of votes cast by dead voters.

A three-month investigation by the group also discovered double registrants across state lines and apparent noncitizens who were previously registered to vote in the Florida country.

The intensive probe involved office visits, records inspections, and voter roll audits.

The discovery is raising serious concerns for voter integrity in the swing state, with the 2020 elections just one year away.

In the 2000 presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore, it was Florida's election results that famously sent the decision to the Supreme Court.

democrat brenda snipes  the discraced supervisor of elections for broward county  florida  was at the center of fraud allegations in the state © press
Democrat Brenda Snipes, the discraced Supervisor of Elections for Broward County, Florida, was at the center of fraud allegations in the state

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Palm Beach County itself faced massive criticism as recently as the 2018 midterm elections when it could not finish three state-mandated recounts by imposed deadlines.

The events led to the county's supervisor of elections, Susan Bucher, being ousted from her position and the implementation of a $15 million voting overhaul.

"Concerns ranged from apparent clerical errors memorialized in voter records to evidence of dead and double voting," PILF's report states.

"Seemingly unlawful claims of business and government addresses were also found used as residential ones.

"Some individuals (unwillingly or otherwise) even demonstrated an ability to register multiple times under the same name, address, and date of birth thanks to human or computer system errors between the county elections office and Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles personnel.

"Perhaps most alarming of all, apparent noncitizens were documented registering to vote in Palm Beach County—sometimes while admitting their immigration status on voter applications."

The group ultimately discovered 225 instances of double voting by the same registrant in 2016 and/or 2018; 20,479 double registrations across state lines; 68 uses of nonresidential addresses as county residences; 2,203 deceased voters on the voter roll; 139 instances of records of deceased voters casting ballots; 413 names appearing more than once on the county's voter roll; and 68 apparent noncitizens previously registered to vote for a total average length of seven years.

A spokesman for the election integrity group said that the county needs to act on its voter rolls and has plenty of time to do so.

"If state sponsors of cyber attacks are targeting voter rolls like our intelligence services warn, then we need to take the year before 2020 to identify and resolve particular vulnerabilities like documented in Palm Beach County," Logan Churchwell, PILF's communications director, told the Beacon.

"Most of these are systemic concerns—but some are human. None are insurmountable with the time we currently have.

"PILF has found these types of problems across the country—this is not just a Florida problem."

"If you are dedicated to getting in the way of proper voter list maintenance by trying to scare the public about ‘purges,' then you are part of the problem," Churchwell said.

florida s election results sent the 2000 presidential race between george w  bush and al gore to the supreme court © press
Florida's election results sent the 2000 presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore to the Supreme Court

The findings were submitted to the county's new supervisor of elections, Wendy S. Link, for a "line-by-line review to discern necessary list maintenance efforts according to federal and Florida statutes."

Palm Beach County's supervisor of elections did not respond to request for comment on PILF's findings by press time.

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