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Report Ties ABC’s Epstein Cover-Up to Clintons

ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos named as link to Bill Clinton during Hillary's 2016 run

 on 7th November 2019 @ 3.00pm
the clintons have been tied to the cover up of a jeffrey epstein bombshell by abc news © press
The Clintons have been tied to the cover-up of a Jeffrey Epstein bombshell by ABC News

Following the bombshell exposé earlier this week, revealing that ABC News buried a report linking Bill Clinton and other powerful "elites" to deceased child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, links have emerged between the cover-up and the Clintons, according to a new report.

On Tuesday, James O'Keefe's whistleblowing organization Project Veritas released a video they say was leaked to them from an anonymous "brave insider" from ABC.

The footage shows ABC's Amy Robach discussing a bombshell exposé she had on convicted pedophile Epstein three years ago.

According to Robach, who was caught on a "hot mic" and filmed without her knowledge, she was forced to shelve the story by network heads following "threats" from Buckingham Palace.

Roback said she gathered interviews with victims and witnesses that exposed Britain's Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton, saying, "we had Clinton - we had everything."

Now, conservative reporter Katie Pavlich has uncovered a direct link between ABC’s alleged Epstein cover-up and the Clintons via the network’s star news anchor.

reporter katie pavlich has linked abc   s alleged epstein cover up to the clintons via the network   s star news anchor © press
reporter Katie Pavlich has linked ABC’s alleged Epstein cover-up to the Clintons via the network’s star news anchor.

Pavlich, who appeared Wednesday during a report on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” suggests that ABC’s reluctance to cover a story that tied Bill Clinton and others to Epstein could be summed up in just one name: veteran ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos.

“There’s no question, executives at ABC protected Jeffrey Epstein,” host Tucker Carlson began.

“Why do you think they did that?”

“Because their star anchor’s name is George Stephanopoulos and of course George Stephanopoulos worked as Bill Clinton’s communications director at the White House,” Pavlich explained.

“And when was this information given to Robach at ABC?

"When did she bring all this to her executives to say we should put this to air? - Right before the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton was running on the Democratic ticket.”

Pavlich went on to add that Stephanopoulos had his own direct connection to Epstein as well.

She notes that the ABC journalist had attended a dinner party at Epstein’s home after Epstein served 13 months for soliciting underage girls.

abc s star anchor george stephanopoulos has direct links to bill clinton   who was allegedly exposed in the epstein story © press
ABC's star anchor George Stephanopoulos has direct links to Bill Clinton - who was allegedly exposed in the Epstein story

“You’re saying at the time Amy Robach took this story to her superiors and they said, ‘I don’t know who Jeffrey Epstein is,’ his name was already all over the news as a convicted sex offender,” Carlson clarified.

“This all comes down to the Clintons, George Stephanopoulos working at ABC and the circle of connections they have there, and protecting not just the Clintons, of course, because that is something they are willing to do for political purposes,” Pavlich continued.

“According to ABC’s editorial standards, which we keep hearing about, the standards are necessarily about accusers bringing forward evidence on someone who had already been convicted of similar crimes, but instead to protect political people and friends who are beneficial to them and who have very, very close connections to people in their network who claim to be leading journalists, like George Stephanopoulos.”

“But it’s not just ABC,” Carlson added.

“The reaction has been fascinating in that MSNBC and CNN, both of which have media reporters, have essentially ignored the story.”

“Yeah, they are still not touching it,” Pavlich agreed.

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