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Trump Reads Whistleblower's Lawyer's Tweets Vowing 'Coup'

President reads Fox News story to cheering crowd

 on 7th November 2019 @ 2.00pm
the lawyer s partisan agenda was highlighted by his repeated calls for trump to get impeached © press
The lawyer's partisan agenda was highlighted by his repeated calls for Trump to get impeached.

President Donald Trump launched his political rally in Lousiana by reading aloud the Ukraine whistleblower's lawyer's tweets vowing a “coup” against the president, years before the complaint was filed.

Trump pulled out a copy of the news story, first reported by Fox News, and read aloud the tweets by anti-Trump lawyer Mark Zaid to the cheering crowd.

“I don’t know if you saw, I’m coming off the plane and they hand me — look at this character — they just hand me this story,” he said, referring to Zaid, the attorney for the whistleblower who sparked the impeachment inquiry.

Zaid wrote in one July 2017 tweet:

“Since Jan 20th, I would much rather be in Canada. What a great country! We’ll be great again when @realDonaldTrump leaves."

“It’s very scary,” he wrote in a follow-up post.

 it   s all a hoax  it   s a scam  and you know who helps them  these people  the media   trump said  as the crowd booed © press
'It’s all a hoax, it’s a scam, and you know who helps them, these people, the media,' Trump said, as the crowd booed

“We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters. We have to.”

“Coup has started. First of many steps,” Zaid wrote.

“Rebellion, Impeachment will follow ultimately.”

Trump referred to Zaid as a “sleazeball” as he read another Twitter post from the lawyer predicting that “CNN will play a key role in Donald Trump not finishing out his first term.”

“It’s all a hoax, it’s a scam, and you know who helps them, these people, the media,” Trump said, as the crowd booed.

Zaid’s partisan agenda was highlighted by his repeated calls for Trump to get impeached.

Trump quoted a third tweet, noting that “as one falls, two more will take their place,” which most likely reffed to Trump administration employees who defied the White House and that the “coup” would occur in “many steps.”

The president also noted House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff dropping his plans to have the whistleblower testify.

“Its a disgrace, it’s so bad what they do to our country,” Trump said.

“They rip the guts out of our country, and its a shame, and they shouldn’t be allowed to do it, and people should stop … because we have a country to run."

in 2017  zaid co founded a nonprofit called whistleblower aid to make it easier  for whistleblowers to expose wrongdoing © press
In 2017, Zaid co-founded a nonprofit called Whistleblower Aid to make it easier 'for whistleblowers to expose wrongdoing'

But the tweets don’t tell the whole story.

In 2017, Zaid co-founded a nonprofit called Whistleblower Aid to make it easier “for whistleblowers to expose wrongdoing without breaking the law or incurring criminal liability,” according to the organization’s website.

According to the nonprofit’s site's home page, it says “whistleblowers are our last line of defense” and that whistleblowers are “more important than ever.”

The Whistleblower Aid began a major advertising campaign after its September 2017 launch, according to The Washington Examiner.

The campaign ad was also featured on Washington, D.C., Metro trains, and mobile billboards, which were put up around significant government building, inclduing the CIA headquarters and the White House.

On Monday, Trump urged the whistleblower to testify after lawyers agreed to let him answer written questions from House Republicans.

“He must be brought forward to testify,” Trump wrote.

“Written answers not acceptable!”

Trump said the “whistleblower” gave false information about his call with the Ukrainian president and worked with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff before filing the complaint.

In October, Neon Nettle reported that "whistleblower" worked with two of anti-Trump Democrat Adam Schiff's staffers.

A report by the Washington Examiner reveals that two former National Security Council staffers worked with the so-called whistleblower in the Obama and Trump administrations.

Democratic House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) reportedly recruited those same two staffers, with one of them joining his team in August, around the time the anonymous CIA "whistleblower" filled their complaint, according to the report.

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