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Epstein Victim: 'Prince Andrew Should Go to Jail' for Rape

Former child sex slave Virginia Roberts says she was 'trafficked' to Andrew 'three times'

 on 6th November 2019 @ 3.00pm
virginia roberts says she was raped by prince andrew  three times  and he  should go to jail © press
Virginia Roberts says she was raped by Prince Andrew 'three times' and he 'should go to jail'

A former child sex slave of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has claimed, in a bombshell new interview, that she was "trafficked" to Prince Andrew and raped by the British prince on three separate occasions.

Speaking to 60 Minutes Australia, Virginia Roberts, now 35-years-old, says she was taken and held captive by Epstein when she was just 15.

For the first time in years, Roberts returned to the Clinton-linked billionaire's "House of Horrors" mansion New York City where she says she was imprisoned and raped by Epstein and his powerful "elite" friends, including Andrew, the Duke of York.

"This mansion represents jail to me," she told the show's producers.

Now, she is calling for the men who allegedly sexually abused, assaulted, and raped her as a teenager to go to prison too, which she says includes Prince Andrew.  

"Prince Andrew should go to jail. I mean, is he ever going to? Probably not," says Roberts.

virginia roberts says she was 15  pictured  when she was taken as a sex slave by epstein © press
Virginia Roberts says she was 15 (pictured) when she was taken as a sex slave by Epstein

The prince has repeatedly and strenuously denied the allegations, according to the Daily Mail, but the palace has declined to comment on Roberts' latest interview.

The 60 Minutes preview features a moment where Virginia pulls out the photo of her with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell that the royal has said is fake.   

"This is a real photo. That is Andrew," says Virginia, who has claimed both publicly and in court documents that Epstein told her to have sex with the royal multiple times beginning she was 17.

That is the same night that she claims Epstein took the photo of her and Prince Andrew at Maxwell's home.

60 Minutes correspondent Tara Brown then notes that Prince Andrew denies all of Virginia's claims, says he was never with her on that night and calls the photo a fake. 

"He says it's not his arm and those are not his fingers," says Brown. 

"Oh the chubby fingers, I know," Virginia responds, in reference to Andrew's claim that his fingers look "chubbier" than normal in the photo, which he says proves the photo is fake.

Prince Andrew was not the only person Virginia has named in the interview either, which looks to be her most in-depth television sit-down.

"I was trafficked to other billionaires, I was trafficked to other politicians. It was the elite of the world," Virginia tells Brown.

"They should be named and they should be shamed. What they've done is horrific."   

She also notes: "There was not a part of my body that they did not abuse."

Roberts had previously provided the FBI with photos that proved she traveled around the globe with Epstein one she is seen on a New York City ferry while others show her horse riding and posing up in front of a museum treasure chest.

Those three photos were taken by Epstein himself, she claims, when he shuttled her to New Mexico for the weekend.

All the while raping her and letting his friends do the same, according to Roberts' lawsuit.

"Epstein took me on a ferry boat on one of the trips to New York City and there he took the picture above. I was approximately 15 or 16 years old at the time," she writes of the first photo. 

In that picture, Roberts looks years younger than her age as she smiles for the camera while on an unchaperoned trip with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell over 1,000 miles away from home. 

"You can see how young I looked in the photograph," she notes, while also claiming she was raped by Epstein at his Manhattan mansion on that trip. 

"Over the next few weeks, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell trained me to do what they wanted, including sexual activities and the use of sexual toys," she wrote.

"The training was in New York and Florida, at Epstein's mansions.

"It was basically every day and was like going to school. I also had to have sex with Epstein many times."

Roberts said that she was trained to be "everything a man wanted me to be."

Roberts and another underage victim are suing the government for the sweetheart plea deal they offered Epstein, and for failing to provide the plaintiffs and other victims with any concrete information about the sex offender.

In her case, Roberts did, in fact, get a letter from the FBI, but not until long after the plea deal had negotiated and Epstein's non-prosecution deal and signed.

That letter is attached as an exhibit in one filing and shows it was mailed in September, more than two months after Epstein signed off on the deal in June.

virginia roberts  bottom center  says she was  trafficked  to prince andrew  top left  bottom left   three times  by epstein  top right © press
Virginia Roberts (bottom-center) says she was 'trafficked' to Prince Andrew (top-left, bottom-left) 'three times' by Epstein (top-right)

Roberts, who was the first of the Epstein victims to go public with her allegations, recounted how she found herself being shuttled around the world and raped by men three times her age in court papers. 

"Epstein had promised me a lot, and I knew if I left I would be in big trouble," stated one filing.

"I also knew that I was a witness to a lot of illegal and very bad behavior by Epstein and his friends.

"If I left Epstein, he knew all kinds of powerful people.

"He could have had me killed or abducted, and I always knew he was capable of that if I did not obey him.

"He let me know that he knew many people in high places.

"Speaking about himself, he said 'I can get away' with things.

"I was very scared, particularly since I was a teenager."

And she was not the only one who was scared she claims in court documents. 

"When I was with him, Epstein had sex with underage girls on a daily basis," noted Roberts.

"His interest in this kind of sex was obvious to the people around him."

"The activities were so obvious and bold that anyone spending any significant time at one of Epstein's residences would have clearly been aware of what was going on."

Roberts in the past claimed in US court papers that she slept with Prince Andrew, a former friend of Epstein.

However, he has always denied any involvement and the allegations were later struck from the record as being "immaterial and impertinent."

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