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Brexit Party Surges in Polls as Farage Vows to Fight Establishment in UK Election

Populist leader to take on Tories and Labour by unleashing 600 candidates

 on 6th November 2019 @ 12.00pm
brexit party leader nigel farage has vowed to fight tories and labour in the uk general election © press
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has vowed to fight Tories and Labour in the UK general election

Brexit Party is surging in the polls after leader Nigel Farage vowed to take on the establishment and fight the Tories and Labour Party in the upcoming UK general election.

Farage's Brexit Party has dealt a huge blow to the major parties after deciding to contest the general election by unleashing candidates for seats across the country, according to a new poll.

The populist/nationalist eurosceptic party surged four percent in a new YouGov survey of voting intentions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Tory Party was down one percent at 38 percent, while socialist Jeremy Corbyn's Labour had lost two percent in falling to just 25 percent.

It comes after Mr. Farage revealed 600 Brexit Party candidates are to stand across mainland Britain, taking aim at the two main parties.

The Brexit Party is now on 11 percent, just five percent behind the Liberal Democrats, who were unchanged on 16 percent.

nigel farage is a close ally of us president donald trump © press
Nigel Farage is a close ally of US President Donald Trump

Despite the surge in support, however, his party may save Remainers such as Ed Miliband, Yvette Cooper and Tom Watson at the election, a study shows.

Polling data by Chris Hanretty of the Royal Holloway University of London suggests the Brexit Party could split the Leave vote in more than 30 Tory target seats, potentially robbing Boris Johnson of a Commons majority. 

Mr. Farage came out fighting today, taking a swing at Boris Johnson as he hit the campaign trail in a boxing ring.

The Brexit Party leader accused the Prime Minister of chasing a "Remainer's Brexit" - a jab at the Brexit deal he agreed with Brussels.

Mr. Farage was in Bolsover at the start of a tour of Labour-voting Leave seats he believes his party can take from Jeremy Corbyn's party.

The Derbyshire seat of veteran firebrand Dennis Skinner voted 70 percent Leave in 2016. 

Addressing the crowd at Bolsover Boxing Club Mr. Farage said Mr. Johnson's deal would "effectively break up the United Kingdom."

"Ninty five per cent of what Boris Johnson is trying to sell as his great new deal is actually the bad old treaty," he said, adding: "Without the Brexit Party we will not get a genuine Brexit, and I am going to make sure this cause is best prepared for  elections across the country."

ready for a fight  nigel farage vows to take on the major parties during the uk general election © press
Ready for a fight: Nigel Farage vows to take on the major parties during the UK general election

Mr. Corbyn hit out at Mr. Farage's plan to target Labour Leavers this morning.

Making a speech of his own in Harlow, Essex, he said: "Nigel Farage is a one-trick pony from a very wealthy organization.

"Nigel Farage is going to various parts of the country saying all kinds of things.

"He is not offering to defend the NHS in those places - indeed he has form in supporting privatization of our NHS.

"He is not offering housing, social justice, reducing inequality in this country or meeting the needs of people who use food banks just to survive because of poverty in Britain.

"He doesn’t actually offer anything to any of those communities and so our message, our manifesto, our policy is about investing in all parts of this country."

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