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Drag Queen Caught Flashing Crotch at Children During 'Story Hour' Event

Photo shows male performer dressed in 'female' clothes, exposing crotch in library

 on 30th October 2019 @ 1.00pm
the  drag queen story hour  events have been hugely controversial  with some arguing it amounts to child abuse © press
The 'Drag Queen Story Hour' events have been hugely controversial, with some arguing it amounts to child abuse

Images have emerged from a "Drag Queen Story Hour" event that show an adult male performer, dressed in "female" clothing, seemingly flashing his crotch at children.

One photograph shows the miniskirt-wearing drag queen exposing his crotch and laughing as children sit in front of him, presumably expecting a "story."

The images were taken by writer Anne Taylor who was attending the event earlier this month at Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka, Minnesota to document it for a story.

Taylor notes in her Caffeinated Thoughts piece that around 22 children were in attendance.

The age of the kids ranged from infant to toddler, preschooler, and elementary schooler, along with adults/parents, according to Taylor.

Taylor says the drag queen wore a wildly inappropriately costume and acted "suggestively" in front of the children and their parents before exposing himself.

drag queen  sasha sota  exposed his crotch  several  times to children while laughing © press
Drag Queen 'Sasha Sota' exposed his crotch 'several' times to children while laughing

According to Taylor, the drag queen "Sasha Sota" wore a pink miniskirt, spiked heels, and a shirt with an exposed midriff. 

Sota then "strode in suggestively past the children, sitting down in a chair before several preschool-aged girls with his legs spread wide, exposing his nylon-covered crotch in front of children sitting at eye level," Taylor says.

"We noticed that he did this often while reading nervously before the children."

Taylor notes that the librarian hosting the "Story Hour" event reminded the adults that they have a responsibility as role models for their children.

The librarian then warned that “if anyone gets upset — even grownups — you can leave."

She added that Sasha Sota approached her afterward so she quizzed him about his motivations:

He quickly sat down next to me on a stool. So I inquired how he got started in drag. He told me he loved theatre, and this is merely a way for him to stay connected.

I asked, “All the time?"

He responded, “Oh, Yes! I'm in college studying theatre."

Taking note of how he nervously kept flipping back his wig, I inquired what he thought of children.He quickly responded, “Oh! I love children!"

I will point out that not all Drag Queens are pedophiles or convicted sex offenders. Being in theatre during my college years, I noticed that dressing in drag was viewed as an easy out where one could justify these individuals are merely "practicing their craft."

What you don't see behind the act and the makeup is very dark: self-abuse, drugs, alcohol, and a lot of sex.

That IS the nature of the drag community, period.

Following an online backlash over the October 17 event, Hennepin County Library released a full statement in response to the complaints:

Storytime Together with Drag Performers is a relatively new program in the Hennepin County Library system and elsewhere. Drag performers historically were leaders in the fight for equality — including them in LGBT History Month observances is meant to both honor the history and provide a welcoming space for families who may not otherwise see themselves reflected in our public places.

We are all still learning — and unfortunately making mistakes. Most storytime performances involve a performer in brilliantly colored costume and theatrical makeup.

They read books and share songs about characters who are different in some way, and who learn to accept and celebrate differences in themselves and others.


Every performance is different. That allows for a new show every day, but also introduces the possibility of new mistakes.

Partway through this year's schedule, we realized the need for a performer dress code.

We followed up right away with each of the performers to ensure that their costumes are appropriate for the audience and activity.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from LGBT families.

As we continue to be both innovative and inclusive, we are committed to also be good stewards of our public spaces.

other images emerged from the library showing drag queen  gemini valentine  wearing an inappropriate outfit for children © press
Other images emerged from the library showing drag queen 'Gemini Valentine' wearing an inappropriate outfit for children

Another image from the event also emerged showing performer "Gemini Valentine" in an inappropriate outfit.

A group called the Child Protection League Action posted several images of the Drag Queen event on its Facebook page, with many commenters outraged by what they saw.

"This is what our tax dollars are going for," one commenter said.

"I see nothing wrong with drag in the appropriate venue for adults, but is this necessary?

"Come on people it is getting ridiculous!"

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