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Rand Paul: Media Doesn't Seem To Care AOC & Bernie Support Ideas of 'Stalin And Mao'

Paul appeared on C-SPAN’s 'After Words' program to promote his new book

 on 28th October 2019 @ 6.00pm
host asked paul about how certain politicians and media figures  champion venezuela  © press
Host asked Paul about how certain politicians and media figures 'champion Venezuela'

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) recently spoke of the dangers posed by people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Bernie Sanders promoting their 'unchallenged' socialist ideology.

Paul appeared on C-SPAN’s “After Words” program to promote his new book, “The Case Against Socialism.”

When asked by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) about how certain politicians and media figures “champion Venezuela,” Paul replied:

"Venezuela is just such a disaster," Paul declared.

"I mean, people literally eating their pets.

"We tell the story of a young lady who was a teenage girl, and she has a gang, but her gang is to defend the turf of trash."

gaetz brings up sanders    remark from the 1980s about breadline later in the interview © press
Gaetz brings up Sanders’ remark from the 1980s about breadline later in the interview

"So, there’s certain garbage receptacles, and she keeps people out of them because those are her garbage receptacles to look for food. How sad," Paul continues.

"People killing rats in the street to try to eat them, pigeons, and it just, it really is a sad thing.

"Kind of going back to the world economy thing, we have to understand why the world economy got better, and we have to understand why Venezuela’s deteriorating into, you know, chaos – and that’s, I think, part of what the book is doing – it’s part of also the debate we should be having up here, and we don’t seem to have it in Congress, is that we don’t develop, we aren’t really talking about which economically system is better.

"And nobody in the media seems to care that what AOC is supporting or what Bernie is supporting is Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot, and all these terrible ideas, and they get away with it because they aren’t challenged."

Gaetz brought up Sanders’ remarks from the 1980s about breadline later in the interview:

“It’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing!” Sanders stated.

“In other countries, people don’t line up for food. The rich get the food, and the poor starve to death.”

 venezuela is just such a disaster  i mean  people literally eating their pets   rand paul said © press
'Venezuela is just such a disaster. I mean, people literally eating their pets,' Rand Paul said

Paul responded to the quote:

“Yeah, well, we suggest that he actually go down and see what the lines are like in Venezuela. I don’t think people are too excited about lines.”

When Paul spoke about politicians and media personalities defending socialism, during his October 11 appearance on ABC’s “The View,” he received pushback from guest-host Ana Navarro, who argued Venezuela did not represent socialism


"Let me ask you this because I live in Miami, there’s tens of thousands of Venezuelan exiles living there.

"You talk a lot about Venezuela in your new book. I get a lot of political ads from the Republican Party – Donald Trump has tweeted this, many have tweeted this – 'If you vote for Democrats, they will turn the United States into Venezuela.'

"Do you think that’s a fair statement to make?"


"Well, if you vote for a socialist, you might get socialism."


"Come on. Don’t do that. Maduro is not a socialist; he’s a corrupt, murderous thug who is starving his people."


"That’s not true."


"That’s not true? Maduro’s not a thug and a murderer who’s starving his people?"


"Let’s have a conversation here. Chavez was a socialist, and socialism was the economic system Venezuela."


"And they stole. [It’s a] kleptocracy. It’s not socialism."


"But here’s the question … they voted for socialism."

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