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Scalise: Schiff is 'Putting Together Soviet-Style Tainted Document' to Impeach Trump

Republican Rep. Steve Scalise blasts Schiff's 'disgraceful' impeachment handling

 on 25th October 2019 @ 12.00am
republican rep  steve scalise slammed anti trump democrat rep  adam schiff for running a  soviet style  operation © press
Republican Rep. Steve Scalise slammed anti-Trump Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff for running a 'soviet-style' operation

Republican Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) has scolded Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for running a "Soviet-style" impeachment inquiry against the president that will ultimately produce a "tainted document."

Speaking outside of the hearing room, after he and fellow Republicans were denied access to the secretive proceedings on Wednesday, House Republican Whip Scalise declared that whatever impeachment evidence House Intel Committee Chair Schiff produces will be unfair, biased, and one-sided.

Rep. Scalise blasted Schiff for not acting in the interest of the American people.

Scalise accused Schiff of refusing to follow precedent and apply “the same rules for Republicans, same rules for Democrats.”

Both parties should be allowed to call witnesses during the impeachment inquiry, Scalise argues.

Scalise also slammed Schiff for the secretive, closed-door nature of the hearing, asserting that the process should be transparent and open to the public.

scalise says adam schiff fled the room when republicans stormed the secretive hearing © press
Scalise says Adam Schiff fled the room when Republicans stormed the secretive hearing

“Today, only Adam Schiff calls the witnesses," argued as he spoke to members of the press.

"Only Adam Schiff is allowed to issue subpoenas.

"Adam Schiff doesn’t even allow the president’s legal counsel to be in the room to hear what is going on.

"And, yet, it deals with impeaching a president of the United States.

“He wants to do it on a one-sided term, to create some kind of file of his own to use as the basis of impeachment.”

steve scalise accused adam schiff of running a  soviet style  impeachment inquiry © press
Steve Scalise accused Adam Schiff of running a 'Soviet-style' impeachment inquiry

Scalise says any impeachment document Schiff produces, as a result of the “Soviet-style” tactics, will only contain selective, one-sided evidence.

Ultimately, Scalise said any releases will be “tainted:”

“Whatever Adam Schiff is putting together today is a tainted document – because it’s a one-sided document," Scalise declared.

"It’s a document that’s being created in secret, behind closed doors.

"And, when we showed up today to find out exactly what's going on, he got out of the room and left with the witness.

“It was disgraceful. This has been a disgraceful process.

"This is a Soviet-style process.

"This should not be allowed in the United States of America.”

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