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Kathy Griffin Complains She Can't Get Work, Blames 'Older White Guys'

Failed anti-Trump 'comedian' says no one will hire her anymore

 on 24th October 2019 @ 7.00pm
kathy griffin says she can t get work anymore but blames  older white guys © press
Kathy Griffin says she can't get work anymore but blames 'older white guys'

Failed "comedian" Kathy Griffin is complaining that she can't get work anymore, but claims that "older white guys" are to blame for her bombing career.

After struggling to get anyone to hire her, Griffin has made a new film about the crux of her failure called: "Kathy Griffin: A Hell of A Story."

Griffin went on KTLA-TV to promote her documentary which tells her perspective of the fallout following the image she released of herself holding a fake decapitated head of President Donald Trump.

The image, from a May 30, 2017 video, caused national outrage, with Griffin later taking it down from social media and releasing a public apology for the photo, saying she went too far and adding, "I beg for your forgiveness."

Despite the glaringly obvious reason for her career taking a nosedive, Griffin attempted to shift the blame away from herself while speaking to KTLA-TV.


kathy griffin s attempts to cash in on the anti trump trend backfired  and now she wonders why she can t get work © press
Kathy Griffin's attempts to cash-in on the anti-Trump trend backfired, and now she wonders why she can't get work

During the interview, three of the four anchors on set who were listening to Griffin's aggrandizement of herself mostly sat in silence.

But when the comedian claimed she couldn't get work because she is a "58-year-old female in comedy," KTLA veteran Mark Kriski interrupted and said, "I think there's a lot of 58-year-old comedians that are working out there."

"Are ya?" Griffin responded, before challenging him to "name five women."

Griffin noted that he's "not into the comedy thing," before Griffin asked her interviewer, "What is this guy?

"What's with the new guy?" Griffin asked.

She then went on the say, "Look, the point is, it's a male-dominated field, which, I really don't want to hear your take on that," directing her ire back at Kriski.

kathy griffin blames  older white guys  for her employment issues  not herself © press
Kathy Griffin blames 'older white guys' for her employment issues, not herself

The comedian addressed the camera again, and said (while pointing at Kristi), "Working in a male-dominated field, is something where I deal with that sort of thing every day, so I spend most of my day trying to talk to older white guys and explain 'I just want to do what I do.'"

Here is the interview in its entirety.

The exchange with Kristi begins around the 3:55 mark:

In addition to Kathy Griffin, five female comedians working at the age of 58 or older include Ellen DeGeneres (61), Joy Behar (77), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (58), Whoopi Goldberg (63) and Megan Mullally (60).

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