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Cher: Republicans Are ''Accessories to Trump's Genocide'' of the Kurds

Far-left pop singer makes wild allegations about GOP lawmakers

 on 16th October 2019 @ 12.00am
singer cher claims that republicans are  accessories to trump s genocide  in syria © press
Singer Cher claims that Republicans are 'accessories to Trump's genocide' in Syria

Far-left pop singer Cher has accused Republican lawmakers of being "accessories" to "genocide" which she claims President Donald Trump has committed against Kurds in Syria.

In a wild and unsubstantiated attack, the anti-Trump star made a series of false claims about the GOP and her president.

“Spinless GOP Senate & Congress are now accessories 2 Trump’s Genocide!!” Cher blasted in one of her trademark all-caps tweets.

“Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey & rest of emasculated GOP, sold their souls 2 help Russia, Turks, Syria, Iran, Saudi’s, Kill [Bomb and casket emoji] Kurds.

“They’ll go 2 [fire emoji, likely meaning “hell”] 4 Genocide & I’ll [Dancing lady emoji]. Lindsey, John McCain’s ashamed of u.”

liberal singer cher claims republicans  including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell  are carrying out  genocide  in syria © press
Liberal singer Cher claims Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are carrying out 'genocide' in Syria

Celebrated for her music and acting prowess, here Cher may find her Twitter account suspended for spreading fake news, according to Breitbart.

According to the Grammy-winning singer, Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are helping the Russians even though both men wanted President Trump to keep U.S. armed forces in northern Syria to keep the Russians out.

Every elected Republican supports Russia, Turkey, Syria, and Iran (and, apparently in this reality, the governments of Turkey and Syria – which routinely refer to each other asterrorists – cooperate with each other).

The Saudis are bombing the Kurds. Saudis are going to hell for genocide. And, finally, deceased Sen. John McCain is ashamed of Sen. Graham for opposing Trump’s troop withdrawal.

The reality on the ground, however, is far more complicated.

RussiaSyria, and Iran are indeed in a coalition — one that the Kurdish-majority Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) just joined to attract Syrian Arab Army reinforcements at the Kurdistan border with Turkey.

The Turkish government maintains friendly relations with Russia and Iran but abhors the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

Through Russia, it agreed to a tentative plan not to invade several Kurdish towns on the Turkish border.

far left singer cher is one of president trump s more vocal celebrity critics © press
Far-left singer Cher is one of President Trump's more vocal celebrity critics

Erdogan’s officials have openly stated they are seeking to displace the Kurdish population on the Syrian-Turkish border and replace it with Arab Syrian refugees, a textbook case of ethnic cleansing.

The Trump administration has explicitly condemned that plan, however, has taken no actions to support it, and has threatened sanctions on Turkey if it continues to displace Kurds.

President Trump has no legal authority to use American troops to protect the Syrian Kurdish population from the government of Turkey, a NATO ally Washington is treaty-bound to defend with its army.

American troops are legally present in Syria only to fight the Islamic State, an offshoot of al-Qaeda.

Congress gave the president permission to use troops to fight al-Qaeda anywhere in the world in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, jihadist attacks.

There is no evidence of any Saudi military involvement in Syria – or in any of the other countries that contain the ancestral land of Kurdistan: Iraq, Iran, or Turkey.

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