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Former Transgender: Encouraging Children to Change Gender is 'Child Abuse'

Walt Heyer says parents who encourage transgenderism in kids are abusive

 on 15th October 2019 @ 1.00pm
walt heyer lived as a woman for 8 years but says finding god helped him  restore  his identity © press
Walt Heyer lived as a woman for 8 years but says finding God helped him 'restore' his identity

A man, who lived his life as a transgender woman for eight years, says parents who encourage children to change their gender are committing acts of "child abuse."

Born-male Walt Heyer, who says he was able to "restore" his identity and return to living as a man after finding God, says it’s an "abhorrent" interference in a child's natural development when adults encourage transgenderism.

Heyer began "transitioning" to a female at 42 years old and lived as a trans woman for eight years.

He says when he was 50, he began realizing he had been a victim of childhood abuse and started the process of returning to his birth-assigned gender.

"From that moment on my life was rescued and I began to live God's will," Mr. Heyer explains.

"I have been free for almost 30 years and married for 18 years."

walt heyer was born male but lived 8 years of his life as a woman before  restoring  his identity as a man © press
Walt Heyer was born male but lived 8 years of his life as a woman before 'restoring' his identity as a man

Now, in an explosive new interview with conservative firebrand Candace Owens, Heyer re-told the story of his troubled childhood.

He describes how his grandmother sparked gender confusion by encouraging him to wear a purple dress at the age of four – and how he suffered sexual abuse at the hands of an uncle as a direct result.

“The consequences of [grandma] affirming me became very destructive – I think it’s actually evil and it’s child abuse to indicate that you can change genders at such a young age, and I’m speaking from 74 years of experience, so it’s not like I just came to this conclusion,” Heyer told Owens.

Today they call it gender dysphoria, but “it’s really just child abuse,” he said

"It confused my identity of who I was – the seed was planted and the destruction had started."

Heyer believes that the idea of gender dysphoria is introduced to children by adults and that a person is “not born with it.” 

To encourage it creates an abhorrent “early sexualization” of the child, he said.

Heyer now runs a website for those who regret transitioning and publishes books and articles on the subject.

He believes there is a misconception that transgenderism has something to do with being gay, but claims that 95 percent of the people who he speaks to about wanting to de-transition are not gay. 

walt heyer says adults encouraging children to change their gender amounts to  child abuse © press
Walt Heyer says adults encouraging children to change their gender amounts to 'child abuse'

In fact, he adds, a desire to transition is usually a “bandaid” for something else – often abuse – which makes the person not want to be who they are.

“It’s a way to escape, and this is where the dissociation comes in. You don’t want to be who you are, so you attempt to be someone else – and you don’t want to be who you are because you got hurt, something happened to you,” he said.

Owens has repeatedly come under fire from the transgender community for expressing similar sentiments in her interviews, including questioning the readiness of modern parents to encourage curious children to transition.

Actor Mario Lopez was recently condemned across social media for arguing during an interview with Owens that children as young as three-years-old might be too young to decide their own gender.

The conservative host has also been slammed for suggesting that the medical community is too quick to diagnose a child as being “transgender” when perhaps something else could be going on.

But Heyer echoes those concerns about medical professionals.

He recounts his own personal experience of visiting a top gender therapist seeking help at the age of 41.

Married with two children and a successful career, Heyer was still suffering from mental anguish after years of being unable to talk about his past.

After only two sessions, the therapist prescribed hormones and wanted him to approve reassignment surgery.

"Don’t let them tell you that they go through some exhaustive psychological counseling because it’s absolute baloney – they just approve, approve, approve, affirm, affirm, affirm – give them hormones, give them surgery.

"It’s an assembly line."

Heyer ultimately divorced his wife, underwent surgery and was fired from his job.

The comments sound provocative at a time when society teaches that the only acceptable response to a questioning or confused child is to immediately support their decision to live as another gender.

He is not looked upon kindly among trans activists, who say that, while he may have been misdiagnosed as transgender while actually suffering from a “dissociative disorder,” that is not the case with all trans individuals.

Yet, Heyer is not alone in some of his conclusions.

Others have warned of the dangers of pumping kids full of hormones and using surgery as a drastic quick-fix to a problem that may be more layered and complicated.

In the UK, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) recently cautioned that there is a lack of “robust evidence” about the long-term impact of puberty-blocking drugs and hormones given to trans-identified kids.

Whistleblower Dr. Kirsty Entwistle, who’d previously worked at the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), has said “traumatic early experiences” – including sexual abuse – can lead a child to present with gender dysphoria, but doctors are refusing to fully investigate these cases for fear of being labeled “transphobic.”

Addressing the high suicide rate among those who have completed the surgical transition, Heyer blames what he believes is the realization that they can “never” really fully become another gender, which results in further depression.

"It’s insane to treat depression with hormones and surgery, but that’s what they do."

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