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Cory Booker Quotes Bible Verse to Defend LGBTQ Rights

2020 Democrat claims people use 'religion as a justification for discrimination'

 on 11th October 2019 @ 6.00pm
cory booker quoted a bible verse to argue that people are  using religion as a justification for discrimination © press
Cory Booker quoted a Bible verse to argue that people are 'using religion as a justification for discrimination'

2020 Democrat Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) quoted an Old Testament verse while defending LGBTQ rights, claiming that people use the words from the Bible as "justification" to discriminate against gay people.

Booker, a longshot in the Democratic presidential nomination race, suggested that the words of the Bible are pro-LGBTQ while citing Micah 6:8.

While answering a question during CNN's LGBTQ town hall Thursday night, Senator Booker said that, as a Christian, he's been forced to deal with the "juxtaposing issues of religious freedom and LGBTQ rights" all of his life.

He argued that people are twisting the words in the Bible and "using religion as a justification for discrimination."

cory booker suggested that people a twisting the words of the bible to discriminate against lgbtqs © press
Cory Booker suggested that people a twisting the words of the Bible to discriminate against LGBTQs

Citing Micah 6:8, Booker made his defense after a UCLA student, who attended an all-girls Catholic high school in N.J., said her school routinely rejected requests for an LGBTQ+ club.

"It said in Micah, 'What do you want from your Lord, but what is it you want from your people?'" he said. 

"Which is to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly -- walk humbly -- and, so for me, I cannot allow, as a leader, that people are going to use religion as a justification for discrimination."

He added, "I can respect your religious views but also protect people from discrimination."

Booker used the opportunity to push for the Democrats' Equality Act as one of the laws "that do not allow people to our schools in"

He concluded, "My faith, as well as my American values, will make me fight on every front to make sure that people are not discriminating against someone because of who they are."

At another point in the night, Booker said he once held negative views about "two men kissing" and "hating gays," but said his activism started as a teenager on a crisis hotline.

joe biden launched into a bizarre rant about  gay bathhouses  during the lgbtq town hall   come on man  © press
Joe Biden launched into a bizarre rant about 'gay bathhouses' during the LGBTQ town hall: 'Come on man!'

Elsewhere during CNN's Thursday town hall, 2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden loaded his appearance with plenty of his trademarks gaffes.

The former vice president fumbled for words when, recalling a story, he told the LGBTQ audience; "when I came out."

Biden was met with a spattering of uncomfortable laughter as he misspoke, then attempted to awkwardly correct himself.

"Because, for example, when I came out and -- I came out -- when I publicly stated," Biden said as he started to correct himself.

Biden then launched into a confusing rant as he digressed from the topic at hand and instead began speaking about gay stereotypes, concluding with a non-sequitur about "gay bathhouses."

“Remember, Anderson? Back 15, 20 years ago, when we talked about this in San Francisco, it was all about, well, gay bathhouses,” he told gay moderator Anderson Cooper. 

“It was all about round-the-clock sex. Come on, man.”

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