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Joe Biden Fumbles at LGBTQ Town Hall: 'When I Came Out'

2020 Democrat proceeds to rant about 'gay bathhouses' and 'round-the-clock sex'

 on 11th October 2019 @ 3.00pm
joe biden appeared like a fish out of water as he discussed lgbtq issues © press
Joe Biden appeared like a fish out of water as he discussed LGBTQ issues

2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden fumbled for words while speaking at an LGBTQ town hall event on Thursday night when, recalling a story, he told the audience; "when I came out."

Former Vice President Biden was met with a spattering of uncomfortable laughter as he misspoke, then attempted to awkwardly correct himself.

Biden was trying to make a point about LGBTQ discrimination, arguing that we have to "educate people"

"Because, for example, when I came out and -- I came out -- when I publicly stated," Biden said as he started to correct himself.

"That would be news," gay moderator Anderson Cooper joked.

"I got something to tell you," Biden joked as he clumsily attempted to gay play-act with Cooper.

"OK. Don't jump, folks. You're way up there," Biden said to the audience.

Biden then attempted to turn the remarks serious again before digging himself into a deeper hole with a bizzare rant about gay stereotypes.

joe biden awkwardly gay play acted with gay moderator anderson cooper after his blunder © press
Joe Biden awkwardly gay play-acted with gay moderator Anderson Cooper after his blunder

Seeming like a fish out of water, gasping for breath as fumbled his way through leftist talking points, Biden tried rejecting the notion that homosexuality is "all about around-the-clock sex."

Gay news outlet Pink News slated Biden's "confused" rant as he digressed from the topic at hand and instead began speaking about the stereotypes which have followed gay men over the years, concluding with a non-sequitur about "gay bathhouses."

“Remember, Anderson? Back 15, 20 years ago, when we talked about this in San Francisco, it was all about, well, gay bathhouses,” he told Cooper. 

“It was all about round-the-clock sex. Come on, man.”

"Gay couples are more likely to stay together longer than heterosexual couples," Biden added.

Anderson Cooper ended Biden's portion of the town hall at that point, saying: "We're going to leave it there, Mr. Vice President."

joe biden digressed from the topic to rant about  gay bathhouses © press
Joe Biden digressed from the topic to rant about 'gay bathhouses'

Biden told the town hall that in May 2012, when he jumped ahead of President Obama in endorsing gay marriage, he made a bet that "well over half" of the American public already supported gay marriage:

"That week, a poll was taken, the first one I'd seen, showing that -- I think it was 57 percent of all Americans supported gay marriage.
"The generic point I'm making here is, folks, the vast majority of people in America are not homophobic.
"They're just afraid. They don't understand. They don't know. They don't know what to do or say.
"Let me give you one closing example: Let's say that -- I see my guest I'm supposed to be -- and, by the way, a guy who knows more about this than everybody, Pete is about to come up here and talk about it, because -- by the way, imagine.
"I mean, I -- when I sit and think about it, what about my sons, my daughter, my granddaughters, my grandson?
"What happens if they are at age 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and they know there's something different about themselves and they have to come out?
"What do they say if they're not going to be accepted? What happens?
"Think about Los Angeles here. If you had a business lunch eight, ten years ago, and there were six or seven people at the lunch, and a gay waiter came up and said something that identified himself being gay, in fact, if one of the people made fun of that waiter, the vast majority of people wouldn't have said anything at the table.
"Today you'd all look at him and say, if you're straight as can be, look at him and say, what the hell is the matter with you? And he'd never be invited back.
"The point is, they're not afraid now to stand up and say -- because guess what? We learn.
"Our brothers, our sisters, our -- the girl we went out with in high school, the guy you know -- no, I'm serious. Think about it.
"The idea it's normal. It's normalized. It's not anything strange. It's not strange. That's the generic point.
"And the more people know that, the more they understand it -- remember, Anderson, back 15, 20 years ago, we talked about this in -- in San Francisco was all about, well, you know, gay -- gay bath houses. And everybody -- it's all about around-the-clock sex.
"It's all -- come on, man. Gay couples are more likely to say together longer than heterosexual couples."

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