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CNN Launches New Platform for Millennials to Complain About Their Lives

News network reached out to uspet millennials with a tweet

 on 8th October 2019 @ 8.00pm
journalist jesse singal says there are two views on what age group millennials fit into © press
Journalist Jesse Singal says there are two views on what age group millennials fit into.

News network CNN advertised a new site on Monday to give millennials a platform to complain about how their lives were harder than their parents, according to reports.

CNN reached out to the disenfranchised millennials with a tweet:

“Are you a millennial who feels like it’s harder to get ahead than it was for your parents? The data shows you’re not alone. Tell us your story at [email protected]

According to journalist Jesse Singal, there are two views on what age group millennials fit into.

cnn has been known to attract millennials with pieces like the one they published in 2018 © press
CNN has been known to attract millennials with pieces like the one they published in 2018

Singal noted:

“I was born in 1983, which means I’m part of the generation, whether one uses the Census Bureau’s definition (born 1982-2000) or Pew’s (about 1981-1997).”

CNN has been known to attract millennials with pieces like the one they published in 2018 just before the congressional midterms.

In the piece, they stated:

Millennials could be one of the biggest political forces in America today, if they wanted. Defined by Pew as those born between 1981 to 1996, millennials make up about 22% of the US population, and at some point between November’s midterms and the 2020 election, they’re expected to surpass baby boomers as America’s largest living generation.

They’re a massive voting bloc, capable of setting policy priorities and swinging elections. They’re also grossly underrepresented in American politics.

But CNN did more complaining than the millennials later on in the article:

“Though millennials’ experience varies widely by demographics, geography, and politics, they’re a generation shaped by experiences like the Great Recession, high levels of student debt, and the rise of social media.”

millennials    experience varies widely by demographics  geography  and politics   according to one cnn piece © press
Millennials’ experience varies widely by demographics, geography, and politics - according to one CNN piece

In a report on a new version of Hasbro’s Monopoly titled “Monopoly for Millennials,” CNN noted that Hasbro stated:

“With many of us being Millennials ourselves, we understand the seemingly endless struggles and silly generalizations that young Millennials can face (and we can’t even!), so we created the game to provide fans with a lighthearted experience that allows Millennials to take a break from real life and laugh at the relatable experiences and labels that can sometimes be placed on them.”

CNN then quoted one millennial complaining:

“This is one of the biggest game/toy companies in the world, making the fact that property ownership is impossible for most people my age into a jeering tag line. It’s patronizing."

"The whole thing feels out of touch with what my age group actually wants or likes. I feel like something like this would have been more well-received coming from an independent publisher who was poking fun at Monopoly itself, but this is the successful, rich Uncle Pennybags who owns everything, sticking his tongue out at you.” reported something quite the opposite of allowing Millenials to complain in April 2019

Bank of America’s 2018 Better Money Habits Millennial Report pointed out that those born between 1981 and 1997 are doing just as well or better than older generations when it comes to money management and career confidence. Among the findings: 63 percent of millennials are saving, 59 percent feel financially secure, and 73 percent of millennials who have a budget stick to it every month, or most months.

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