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Ellen Barkin Attacks 'Dumb' Trump Supporters, Asks 'Do You Want a Dumb President?'

Leftists actress attacks President's supporters in vile twitter rant

 on 8th October 2019 @ 4.00pm
anti trump actress doesn t hold back while insulting trump supporters on twitter © press
Anti-Trump actress doesn't hold back while insulting Trump supporters on Twitter

Liberal actress Ellen Barkin branded President Donald Trump's supporters as "dumb," before asking them if they wanted a president “who is as dumb or dumber than you.”

The anti-Trump actress, who is has been known to attack Trump’s supporters in the past, calling them the “most extreme right-wingers since the Nazis” - this time branded them as "dumb” and posed the question - do they “want a dumb president?"

Ellen Barkin tweeted:

“Trump survivors, I mean supporters need to ask themselves only one question cuz the fact is irrefutable…Do you want a dumb president?”

last year  barkin said trump should be  removed  and  not just from office © press
Last year, Barkin said Trump should be 'removed' and 'not just from office'

“By now, even you know you’re all pretty dumb so let me rephrase my question…Do you want a president who is as dumb or dumber than you? Think about it…,” she said, emphasizing that she is not talking about “big words like compulsory or obligatory.”

Barkin then asked:

The dude can’t spell. I’m not talking about big words like compulsory or obligatory but a single syllable word…moat. He spells it ‘moot.’ But moot is already a ward. With a very different meaning. Can you see how something like this could crate a dangerous situation?"

“Create. Crate. Get it?” the Animal Kingdom star added.

Last year, Barkin said Trump should be “removed” and “not just from office.”

the hollywood leftist also called trump   s base  the most extreme right wingers since the nazis  in a another rant in june  © press
The Hollywood leftist also called Trump’s base 'the most extreme right-wingers since the Nazis' in a another rant in June.

The Hollywood leftist also called Trump’s base “the most extreme right-wingers since the Nazis” in a another rant in June. 

“If trump’s base, the most extreme right-wingers since the Nazis, would just stop and look at the financial damage inflicted on them by the GOP, I believe they’d join the fight,” she wrote.

“The GOP is asking their base a question right now…would you rather hate or eat? What’s the answer?”

Earlier this year, Rapper Cardi B also attacked Trump's supporters, calling them "racist rednecks" in an Instagram live video.

The singer, real name Belcalis Almanzar, took an abrupt political stance over the current partial government shutdown over the southern border.

"You wanna build a wall because you promised these mother f***ers something that you know you couldn't do," said the rapper to her 39 million-plus followers, according to The Hill report.

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