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Maxine Waters: 'Spineless' Trump-Supporting GOP Senators Are 'Not Patriotic'

Democrat slams Republicans lawmakers for supporting president

 on 6th October 2019 @ 9.00pm
waters said during the interview the president  is all about himself © press
Waters said during the interview the president 'is all about himself'

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) slammed Republican lawmakers for supporting President Donald Trump, saying they were “willing to harm our country," during Sunday’s broadcast of “AM Joy” on MSNBC.

Waters said:

“The president is all about himself. Now, if you want to know something, I am disgusted with those spineless members of the Senate who don’t have the guts to stand up for this country."

"Many of them have defined themselves as patriotic. They’re not patriotic. They are spineless, and they’re not willing to step up and do what needs to be done in recognizing the danger of this president. They are willing to harm our country.”

waters said gop lawmakers  don   t deserve to be elected by anything and anybody and serve this country © press
Waters said GOP lawmakers 'don’t deserve to be elected by anything and anybody and serve this country'

She continued:

“I don’t know how they look their children and their wives, their community in the face coming to work in the United States Senate knowing what they know, seeing what they see."

"And I can’t imagine how anybody who has had the nerve and the audacity to run for a United States Senate seat, and they can’t stand up to this lying, dishonorable president.”

Waters added:

“They don’t deserve to be elected by anything and anybody and serve this country if they have that kind of fear. If you have that kind of fear, you’re not a good representative. You don’t know what it takes to make good public policy."

"You don’t stand up for the security of this country. And so I have no respect for any senator, any member of Congress, who is not willing to put themselves on the line for this country. And understand that our security is at stake.”

last week  waters demanded that donald trump is  imprisoned   placed in solitary confinement © press
Last week, Waters demanded that Donald Trump is 'imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement'

Last week, Waters (D-CA) attacked the president during a hysterical Tuesday rant, during which she demanded that Donald Trump is "imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement" over his "filthy talk."

"Mad Maxine" accused the president "using mob language" and "implying [whistleblowers] should be killed" before declaring:

"Impeachment is not good enough for Trump."

Waters, who started calling for Trump's impeachment shortly after his inauguration, vented her anti-Trump frustrations in a frenzied tweet, saying:

"He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is imperative."

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