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Ukraine Whistleblower is a Registered Democrat, New Leak Reveals

Inspector general finds evidence of 'arguable political bias' against President Trump

 on 4th October 2019 @ 3.00pm
the whistleblower claims trump pressured ukraine to investigate joe biden  but the call transcript shows that isn t the case © press
The whistleblower claims Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, but the call transcript shows that isn't the case

The White House whistleblower, who claims that President Donald Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate his 2020 rival Joe Biden during a July phone call, is a registered Democrat, according to a bombshell new leak.

CNN reported Thursday that the unnamed CIA officer's voter registration record shows the whistleblower votes Democrat, which is the basis for an inspector general's report that the person may have had an "arguable political bias" against the sitting Republican president.

The whistleblower claims that President Trump threatened to withhold US military aid from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky unless Ukraine investigates former Vice President Biden.

A transcript from the call shows that simply wasn't the case, however, and although allegations of Biden's potential corruption were discussed, Trump didn't pressure Zelensky and US aid wasn't even mentioned.

After the whistleblower's claims have already been cast in doubt, the possibility of politically biased motivation has been questioned.

Now, according to a report by CNN's Jake Tapper, the voter registration card is evidence of that political bias.

"A source familiar with the whistleblower investigation tells me that the political bias referred to by the Intelligence Community Inspector General is that the whistleblower is a registered Democrat," Tapper said on the air. "That is the bias."

the evidence of the whistleblower s political bias was revealed by cnn s jake tapper © press
The evidence of the whistleblower's political bias was revealed by CNN's Jake Tapper

Tapper also added the inspector general concludes that the whistleblower's political affiliation doesn't change the facts in his complaint.

The whistleblower's attorney, Mark Zaid, responded on Twitter, claiming that his client's "bias" was "nothing more than ... [being] registered Democrat."

"Give me a break! Bias? Seriously? Most ppl are," he added while declining to confirm the information.

Americans identify themselves as members of specific political parties in 31 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia, when they register to vote.

The other 19 states don't require it, however.

If the whistleblower is in fact registered as a Democratic Party voter, then, he/she does not live in Virginia – one of the two states that surround D.C.

The inspector general suggested the whistleblower, thought to have deep expertise in Ukrainian affairs, was either a Democrat or a Republican who supported one of Trump's primary campaign opponents.

A preliminary review found "some indicia of an arguable political bias on the part of the Complainant in favor of a rival political candidate."

However, the intelligence community IG also notes that the "complaint’s allegations nonetheless appeared credible," the report said.

Trump responded to the information, citing it as proof the whistleblower was a partisan Democrat.

the whistleblower claims trump pressured ukraine s president zelensky but a transcript of the calls shows that wasn t the case © press
The whistleblower claims Trump pressured Ukraine's President Zelensky but a transcript of the calls shows that wasn't the case

On a Sunday morning news show, a senior aide to the president subsequently argued that the whistleblower was likely a "deep state operative" with political motives intent on "sabotaging" Trump from within the government.

President Trump has launched a full-scale hunt to identify the whistleblower he insists doesn't qualify for federal protection.

Trump argues that the individual admits that he or she did not witness all of the activity outlined in the complaint first hand, making it closer to hearsay.

Federal whistleblower protection law does not require first-hand knowledge, however, and the individual's identity remains a secret. 

The president also says that the complaint should be totally disregarded due to the fact that it's full of falsehoods.

As he left the White House for a Florida event Thursday, Trump said: "The whistleblower never saw the conversation.

"He got his information, I guess, second or third hand.

"He wrote something that was total fiction and now, when people see that, they're not happy."

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