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Michael Moore Slams Biden: He Seems ‘Afraid’ To Talk About Ukraine

Liberal filmmaker brands former Vice president as 'this year’s Hillary'

 on 2nd October 2019 @ 11.00pm
moore said that biden risks losing his status as the democratic frontrunner © press
Moore said that Biden risks losing his status as the Democratic frontrunner

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore referred to presidential hopeful Joe Biden as "this year's Hillary," adding the former vice president seems to be "afraid" of talking about his son's business with Ukraine.

Speaking on "The Beat with Ari Melber" on MSNBC, Moore discussed the race for the White House, saying Biden would have problems bouncing back if he doesn't publicly meet the scandal head-on.

"Joe Biden is this year’s Hillary," Moore said.

"Joe Biden is not going to excite the base to get out there and vote on November 3, 2020."

moore said biden looks like  he   s not really wanting to deal  with the ukraine saga © press
Moore said Biden looks like 'he’s not really wanting to deal' with the Ukraine saga

"The things that he said publicly are very strong," Moore continued.

"But it looks like he’s not really wanting to deal with it. He’s afraid to be out there."

"There’s some piece of this that he doesn’t want to deal with in terms of his son and the gas company and all that," he added.

"And it’s OK. It’s been proven that nobody did anything wrong," he continued.

"If he’s embarrassed that the kid of a politician got some help, well, I don’t think anybody sitting there at home right now with their TV dinner going, 'What? Joe Biden’s son got a good job out of this?'"

Moore said that Biden risks losing his status as the Democratic frontrunner if he isn't out campaigning in public from now until next November.

on tuesday  moore described president donald trump as a  sick individual  who  must be removed  from office © press
On Tuesday, Moore described President Donald Trump as a 'sick individual' who 'must be removed' from office

"[Biden] said the right thing but he’s got to come out fighting," Moore said.

"You don’t want a [Michael] Dukakis moment here when they attack your family, and you’re trying to be all kumbaya about this," he said.

"You’ve got to put the gloves on, and you've got to go after him. And Biden should be out there every single day on this. Don’t be afraid. It’s OK; your son got a good job."

"We need all the candidates right now -- need to be unified and coming at this full force," he added.

"No backing down and no trying to placate the other and none of this, 'Well we have to wait and see.'"

On Tuesday, Moore described President Donald Trump as a "sick individual" who "must be removed" from office.n a series of frenzied outbursts, Michael Moore, attacked Trump on Twitter, describing him as “dangerous” while inaccurately accusing the president of threatening to start a civil war.

Moore was referring to an earlier Trump tweet in which the president quoted Pastor Robert Jeffress.

Jeffress told Fox News that if Democrats are successful in impeaching Trump, it would cause a “Civil War-like fracture" from which the "country will never heal."

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