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Schools in Sweden to Scrub Ancient History from History Classes

Ancient history erased from upper grade history lessons by Swedish Board of Education

 on 30th September 2019 @ 1.00pm
swedish school students celebrate the historical tradition of  studenten  as they graduate high school © press
Swedish school students celebrate the historical tradition of 'studenten' as they graduate high school

Schools in Sweden are scrubbing ancient history from being taught in upper-grade history classes, according to reports.

Swedish schools will no longer teach pupils about Plato, Aristotle, Rome, or Swedish Great Power but will instead focus on Hitler, World War 2 and the postmodern era in the late 20th century.

The new move was announced by the Swedish Board of Education, which wants students to only learn about more recent events in history class.

The change has been heavily critizesed however, with the liberal government, led by the Swedish Social Democratic Party, accused of attempting to make the population less historically aware.

The Board of Education now suggests that the subject matter in History classes must be radically changed due to a "lack of time" students have in school.

The newly revised course plans for social sciences, which includes history, suggests making gender issues, climate, and migration a focal point of lessons.

professor of history dick harrison describes the move as  horrible  bizarre and absurd © press
Professor of history Dick Harrison describes the move as 'horrible, bizarre and absurd'

For schoolchildren in the upper grades 7-9, where students are 13-15 years old, there will no longer be any history taught dated before the year 1700.

All studying of the democratic cradle in ancient Greece, Rome, or The Swedish Great Power era (1611-1718) when Sweden ruled the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, will be erased from history class.

“Sweden will be embarrassed”

Prof. Dick Harrison, professor of history and author, slammed the change when it was announced last week, describing the move as "horrible, bizarre and absurd."

“As a historian, who knows some about this, I am forced to react," Prof. Harrison explained.

"Only the idea that the Ancients are unimportant to understand the present is bizarre and absurd.

"Everything that surrounds us is a legacy from the ancient Greeks," he claimed.

”Swedes will be embarrassed worldwide,” he added.

“Excuse me, but it’s so f***ing sick, I find it hard to believe it.

"Naturally, I expect the suggestion to be withdrawn," the upset professor said.

high school students aged 13 15 years old will no longer be taught history dated before the year 1700 © press
High school students aged 13-15 years old will no longer be taught history dated before the year 1700

More postmodernism

The revised course plans are the result of lack of history lesson time in Swedish schools, the School Board claims.

Pupils in the upper grades must focus more on the 19th century, with particular focus on the Holocaust, the cold war and the ideas that have formed Sweden during the post-war era.

This includes raising awareness about gender issues, migration, and racism.  

There will, however, be time enough to cover Western slavery and colonialism during the 18th century and onwards.

However, the 100 million dead from communism in the 20th century, will not be mentioned as an important subject to study in the revised course plans.

Neither are Mao’s and China’s demolition of books during the Culture war.

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