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13 Americans Now Dead from Vaping, 805 Diagnosed with Severe Lung Damage

CDC issues warning as death toll continues rising due to e-cigarettes linked to illnesses

 on 27th September 2019 @ 1.00pm
thirteen people have now from vaping related illnesses in the united states © press
Thirteen people have now from vaping-related illnesses in the United States

Health officials have revealed that a thirteenth victim has now died from vaping-related illnesses in the United States, with hundreds more hospitalized with severe lung damage.

After two more people died on Thursday, taking the death toll to 13, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that 805 cases on vaping-linked illnesses have now been reported, up 52 percent last week's 530 reports.

The situation has now reached the point where illnesses have occurred in almost every state in America.

The deaths confirmed so far include two in California, two in Oregon, and two in Kansas.

Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Missouri all recorded one death each.

The Mississippi death was announced by state officials on Thursday and authorities revealed a second death in Oregon later on the same day.

vaping has been a growing trend around the world but the long term impact on health hasn t been investigated © press
Vaping has been a growing trend around the world but the long term impact on health hasn't been investigated

According to the Daily Mail, over the summer, health officials in a few states began noticing reports of people developing severe breathing illnesses, with the lungs apparently reacting to a caustic substance.

The only common factor in the illnesses was that the patients had all recently vaped.

As a national investigation started and broadened, reports have increased dramatically.

Currently, health officials are advising people not to use any vaping product until the cause is better understood.  

The latest statistics come after Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Ned Sharpless admitted the agency "must do more" to stop the deaths and teen addictions linked to vaping in his testimony before Congress Wednesday.     

Although the outbreak of these mysterious illnesses began in the Midwest, the latest deaths have been concentrated around the South.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Wednesday it's investigating some 1,000 possible cases of severe pneumonia-like illness traced to e-cigarette use, suggesting the 805 reported Thursday may be the tip of the iceberg.

Sharpless said that the FDA will not "ban" flavored e-cigs - but will soon finalize rules to force companies to take these products off the market until they've gone through and been green-lighted by the FDA's pre-market approval process. 

He added that, while most of the lung injuries are linked to THC vapes, health officials have not identified a single consistent cause between them.

CDC Deputy Director Ann Schuchat said Wednesday before Congress there will "probably be hundreds" more cases. 

25 percent of high school students say have used e-cigarettes and vaping products in the past month, according to the CDC's latest figures. 

The most popular flavors among underage users are fruity, mint and menthol ones, and companies like Juul Labs are facing investigations into whether their candy-flavored vapes were intentionally marketed to children and teens. 

Michigan and New York have temporarily banned flavored e-cigarettes and Massachusetts has halted the sale of all e-cigarettes for the next four months. Illinois is currently legislating a flavored e-cig ban. 

13 vaping related death have now been confirmed in several states across the us © press
13 vaping-related death have now been confirmed in several states across the US



An Illinois man said to be using e-cigarettes to smoke THC died on August 24 after his lungs failed when he developed a mystery lung illness.

SECOND VICTIM - 1st Oregon

The second person to die after vaping was a 'middle-aged' Oregon resident. 

They were said to have recently started using an e-cigarette containing cannabis oil from a legal dispensary and passed away some time at the end of August.


A third victim in Indiana passed away from the mysterious lung disease in August.

The patient was described only as 'elderly' and little else is known about them.


The fourth victim, a 65-year-old man, died sometime in August but his death wasn't confirmed until September 6.

Minnesota officials said the patient had been using the electronic devices to smoke THC.  

FIFTH VICTIM - 1st California

A 55-year-old man from Los Angeles was the fifth person to lose his life after smoking the e-cigarettes. He died on September 7.

SIXTH VICTIM - 1st Kansas

A woman in her fifties was the sixth person to succumb to vaping-related illnesses.

The Kansas-born woman, who had a history of health problems, passed away on September 12.  

SEVENTH VICTIM  - 2nd California

A California man became the seventh person to pass away after using the devices. The 40-year-old from Tulare County died on September 17.


The Missouri man in his forties became the eighth victim to die from vaping.

He had normal lung function until he started using the devices in May.

The victim began experiencing trouble breathing which gradually got worse before he was taken to hospital in St Louis on August 22. He passed away on September 19. 

NINTH VICTIM - 2nd Kansas

A man in his fifties became the second Kansas resident to die to the vaping-related illness.

He was said to be a regular vaper who had 'underlying health issues'. He passed on September 24.


Georgia identified the state's first death from a vaping-associated illness. 

The patient had a history of heavy nicotine vaping, but no reported history of vaping THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.


No information regarding the individual who died in Florida has been made available by the Florida Department of Health.

TWELFTH VICTIM - Mississippi 

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, the death was in an individual under the age of 30 marking the state's first death from vaping. 


The most recent death was an individual who had been hospitalized with respiratory symptoms after vaping cannabis products according to the Oregon Health Authority.

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