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12-Year-Old Girl Raped Repeatedly in Park by Migrant Grooming Gang

The gang targeted vulnerable girls online before luring them into attacks

 on 24th September 2019 @ 4.00pm
the victims were besieged with messages by the gang  before luring them to the location of attacks  © press
The victims were besieged with messages by the gang, before luring them to the location of attacks.

A migrant grooming gang, who repeatedly raped a 12-year-old girl in a park, has been jailed for a total of 25 years, according to reports.

The gang of Romanian men, living in Levenshulme, Greater Manchester, UK, orchestrated a ‘relentless’ campaign on Facebook to track down their victims.

The victims were besieged with messages by the gang, before luring them to the location of attacks. 

Brothers Sebastian Baltatu, 18, and Ilie Daniel Baltatu, 22; and cousins Parizian Calin, 20, and Adrian Calin, 20, all face a combined 25 years behind bars for the vicious sexual attack.

adrian calin  20 was sentenced to a yar  and parizian calin  20  was sentenced to 13 years in prison © press
Adrian Calin, 20 was sentenced to a yar, and Parizian Calin, 20, was sentenced to 13 years in prison

Other members of the grooming gang have escaped overseas following a massive search for their whereabouts.

The gang, all from Romania, targeted vulnerable girls who were all looking for friendship.

The first attack was on a 12-year-old girl, who was raped by Sebastian Baltatu before being passed on to Parizian Calin, who continued the attack.

Calin then took the girl to a ‘brothel house’ where he tried to rape her, then sending another unidentified man into the room who pestered her for sex.

Prosecutor Jonathan Savage told the court:

"On one occasion, after having sex with her in the park, he told her to wait where she was, and then another man came in and asked her to perform oral sex on him."

"On another occasion, she was taken to a house by Parizian Calin."

"Moments later, a man she had never seen before who she thought was also Romanian came into the room and asked her for oral sex. ‘The sexual demands from Parizian Calin were relentless."

Another girl, 13, was raped three times by Ilie Baltatu, 22.

ilie daniel baltatu  22  was given an eight year jail term © press
Ilie Daniel Baltatu, 22, was given an eight-year jail term

Adrian Calin then forced another girl, 15, to perform oral sex on him.

There are now three victims that have been identified, but police believe there are more.

Prosecutor Suzanne Goddard said the migrants knew precisely what they were doing.

One of the girls said:

"No words can explain what I was put through. At the time, I had no idea why it happened. My anxiety was getting worse, and I hated being left on my own," she said.

"Now I can’t even go in my corner shop without being anxious or scared anymore. The impact this has had on my life has been unbelievable."

Another victim said she had experienced ‘the worst time of her life’ and felt like she was ‘completely taken advantage of.’

She added: "I feel sick when I think about what these people were doing."

Judge Suzanne Goddard said:

"None of these girls bear any responsibility. All of the girls had to move away from Manchester and from their family and friends because of you and what you did."

"Each of those girls were particularly vulnerable because of their difficult childhood and their time in care. If each of you had tried to get to know them, you would have known that."

  • Ile Baltatu was jailed for eight years
  • Sebastian Baltatu was jailed for three years
  • Adrian Kalin was jailed for one year
  • Parizian Calin was jailed for 13 years.

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