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40 Percent of Welfare Recipients in Germany are 'Not German'

German taxpayers paying out over 4 billion euros a month to support foreign nationals

 on 24th September 2019 @ 12.00pm
40 percent of welfare recipients in germany are foreign nationals  costing taxpayers 4 billion euros per month © press
40 percent of welfare recipients in Germany are foreign nationals, costing taxpayers 4 billion euros per month

Around 40 percent of welfare recipients in Germany are foreign nationals, costing German taxpayers over 4 billion euros per month, according to data revealed in a new report.

The bill for the food, education, medicine, and shelter of 2.7 million non-contributing foreigners living in Germany lands in the lap of the taxpaying German population.

New figures released by Germany’s Federal Employment Agency show that three out of four working-age Syrian migrants living in Germany are supported entirely or partially by the country’s welfare system, Hartz IV, according to a report by Die Welt.

As of June this year, the official unemployment rate for Syrians in Germany was 44.2 percent, which was down slightly from 2018’s figure of 49.6 percent.

As the report points out, however, the figure isn’t entirely accurate because, under the government's new "more inclusive" language terms, Syrian migrants who attend state-funded "integration courses" or "vocational language courses" are no longer referred to as "unemployed."

Those people are now classed, instead, as "underemployed persons" and not included in the data.

the data calls in to question german leader angela merkel s open border policies in germany © press
The data calls in to question German leader Angela Merkel's open border policies in Germany

Those who attend these courses also receive money from the state-funded Hartz IV welfare system.

Further skewing the report’s numbers, Hartz IV figures also do not include all of the "asylum seekers" who have arrived but not yet been "accepted" or "registered" but are still able to collect benefits.

These people are not included in the Hartz IV figures but can still collect funds from the budget of the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

Nearly 900,000 so-called "asylum seekers" in the European Union are still waiting to have their claims processed, according to figures from the European statistics office.

Close to 44 percent of these "asylum seekers" waiting to have their claims processed are in Germany.

Thus, close to 396,0000 "asylum seekers" currently living in Germany are collecting benefits while waiting for their claims to be processed.

Following an informational request from Alternative for Germany (AfD) Member of Parliament, René Springer, the Federal report revealed that as of this month, close to 63.6 percent of all Hartz IV recipients were “German citizens.”

german taxpayers are footing the bill for non contributing foreign nationals who receive welfare © press
German taxpayers are footing the bill for non-contributing foreign nationals who receive welfare

Typically, a Hartz IV recipient with a wife and one child receives about 1,500 euros each month in cash.

In total, the number of people receiving Hartz IV amounts to 6.73 million.

If 40 percent of those recipients are foreigners, then that means that 2.7 foreigners are currently claiming Hartz IV benefits.

Thus, productive German taxpayers are spending over 4 billion euros every month to feed, shelter, educate, and provide healthcare to non-contributing foreigners.

From these figures, it calls into question whether the vast numbers of foreigners who’ve moved to Europe and Germany are helping to enrich society, create wealth, or to help boost the economy.

The data suggests they have, in fact, done quite the opposite.

René Springer of AfD has rightly pointed out that the only “integration” that is currently occurring issystematic integration into Germany’s social welfare systems.”

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