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African Migrant Jailed for Savage Rape of 11-Year-Old British Girl

Military-aged migrant from Gambia gets just 13 years in prison for horrific attack in UK

 on 18th September 2019 @ 1.00pm
african migrant haji kologa savagely raped an 11 year old girl in bradford  england © press
African migrant Haji Kologa savagely raped an 11-year-old girl in Bradford, England

An African migrant has been sentenced to just 13 years in prison after a court found him guilty of savagely raping an 11-year-old British girl, in an attack that was so horrific, the young victim was forced to jump from her 1st-floor bedroom window to escape.

31-year-old Haji Kologa, from The Gambia, forced his way into the young child's room in Bradford, England on March 11.

During the prolonged attack, Kologa put his hands around the young child’s neck and screamed, “Who’s the man?” before he threw her to the ground, dragged the little girl into another room and raped her as she cried and begged him to stop, the Bradford Crown Court heard.

Judge Andrew Haslam QC described the incident as a “quite horrifying sexual assault.”

“He made her promise not to tell anyone, and if she did; he would kill her,” prosecutor Christine Egerton revealed.

The girl managed to leap out of a first-floor window and call the police but responding officers say she was initially too afraid to even get into the patrol vehicle.

haji kologa put his hands around the young child   s neck and screamed   who   s the man   before raping her © press
Haji Kologa put his hands around the young child’s neck and screamed, 'Who’s the man?' before raping her

After arriving at the police station, she eventually told officers what Kaloga had done to her.

Kologa was then arrested but initially denied the charges.

During the trial, the victim came face-to-face with her attacker in Bradford Crown Court for the first time since the horrific attack.

The girl read out a victim impact statement which reads as follows:

“I want you to know that what you have done to me, or ever said to me, is something I won’t ever forget until the day I die.

“I want you to know this because you sexually abused me.

"Even though I won’t ever forget what you did, I won’t let it change my future, or change who or what I want to be.

“Sooner or later, one day, you will hear that I have become something that you can never imagine.

"I hope that I never ever meet a man like you again.”

bradford crown court sentenced haji kologa to just 13 years in prison for his horrific crime © press
Bradford Crown Court sentenced Haji Kologa to just 13 years in prison for his horrific crime

In response to the victim’s impact statement, the judge said, “One is struck by her strength of character after her terrible ordeal.

"She is a truly remarkable young girl.”

Kologa was sentenced by the court to just 13 years in prison for his heinous crime.

Kologa’s defense lawyer did say, however, that he would most likely be deported back to The Gambia after he serves out his sentence.

As to whether the Home Office executes his deportation orders is entirely another matter.

Its record of keeping track of illegal immigrants and ex-prisoners who’ve been issued these kinds of orders is pretty poor.

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