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British SAS Hero Kills 5 Islamic State Terrorists with a Shotgun in Just 7 Seconds

SAS officer armed with a shotgun has killed five ISIS jihadis during a dawn raid in Iraq

 on 16th September 2019 @ 1.00pm
an sas solider took out 5 isis terrorists in just 7 seconds © press
An SAS solider took out 5 ISIS terrorists in just 7 seconds

A British SAS soldier, armed with a shotgun, has reportedly killed five Islamic State terrorists in just seven seconds during a raid in Iraq.

The SAS officer took out the ISIS jihadis during an intense firefight in a dawn raid, quickly leading to the militant group's surrender of the stronghold, according to reports.

The successful operation was part of a covert mission that took place on an ISIS outpost in Baghdad, Iraq.  

Working with Iraq's special forces, MI6 agents had identified the building as a suspected bomb factory used by the terror group, from which militants would carry out attacks.

A 12-man Special Air Service team was dispatched to observe the property for several days.

The team planned a dawn raid for the next day after receiving reports that the jihadists were plotting to carry out multiple suicide bombing attacks.

the sas hero took out the terrorists during a dawn raid on an isis outpost in iraq © press
The SAS hero took out the terrorists during a dawn raid on an ISIS outpost in Iraq

According to the Daily Mail, a "breach team" was the first to enter, breaking through a doorway into a courtyard.

However, they were soon faced by a group of heavily armed men, who had reportedly just finished morning prayers and were loading weapons into a vehicle.

One of the officers, armed with a Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun, fired at them, killing three would-be bombers.

Another two terrorists then appeared from a building, but before they could fire off a shot they had been neutralized them as well.

"The terrorists were no more than a few feet away when the SAS team came face to face with them," a source told the Daily Star about the raid late last year.

"One of the breach team opened fire with a shotgun and shot dead three before they could get a shot off.

"Another two terrorists appeared from a building and he neutralized them as well. 

"Several other terrorists emerged from the building but immediately surrendered and began panicking as two of the bodies didn’t have heads – they thought they were about to be executed."

one of the officers was armed with a benelli m4 super 90 semi automatic shotgun  similar to the one pictured © press
One of the officers was armed with a Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun, similar to the one pictured

It was reported that two suicide vests, one weighing 30lbs, were found on the dead men.

They were made mostly from ball bearings and plastic explosives. 

At least one officer on a raid is armed with a 12 gauge pump-action Benelli shotgun, which is usually used to blast through locks and remove hinges from doors.

The Ministry of Defence does not comment on special forces operations.

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