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Sweden Begins Sending Migrants Back to Where They Came From

Swedish Government sends group of illegal immigrants back to Afghanistan

 on 14th September 2019 @ 12.00pm
the swedish government has sent 50 illegal migrants back to kabul  afghanistan © press
The Swedish Government has sent 50 illegal migrants back to Kabul, Afghanistan

Sweden has started sending illegal migrants back to their countries of origin as tougher new laws come into effect, according to reports.

The Swedish Government has long been criticized for its open border policy concerning mass-immigration.

According to a report by Swedish news outlet Fria Tider, Sweden has repatriated 50 migrants back to Kabul, Afghanistan.

The repatriation marks the largest number of migrants deported back to their home country by the Swedish government at a single time.

Officials confirmed that the group was made up of criminal migrants and illegal aliens who had been denied asylum in Sweden.

The move was met with some pushback, however.

sweden has long been criticized for its open border policies © press
Sweden has long been criticized for its open border policies

As a result of the deportations, protests took outside the Migration Board detention center in Märsta on Tuesday night, according to Dagans Nyheter

Despite the protests, the deportation of the illegal immigrants went ahead as planned.

So far this year, Sweden has already deported more Afghan migrants than it did during the whole of 2018.

The increase is due to a new law which has boosted cooperation between Swedish and Afghan authorities.

“The old high school law, which basically was designed to stop enforcement, has changed,” the head of the Border Police, Patrik Engström, told SVT. 

"We have an agreement between the EU and Afghanistan and between Sweden and Afghanistan that facilitates the return."

Of the deported 50 migrants, three of them were reportedly forced to leave the country due to crime.

The rest had entered the country illegally and refused to leave after their asylum applications were subsequently denied by Swedish authorities.

violent crime has been on the rise in sweden in recent years © press
Violent crime has been on the rise in Sweden in recent years

While Sweden attempts to toughen-up its immigration laws, it's still lagging behind some of its more hardline European neighbors.

Earlier this year, Italy’s former populist leader, Matteo Salvini, continued his uncompromised approach to unwanted migrants in his country by deporting over 1,500 from a refugee camp in Reggio before bulldozing the site.

In March, Italian police removed around 1,592 migrants from the camp before flattening the shantytown where they were living.

The refugees who occupied the camp had continually evoked the ire of Italian citizens across the nation.

The government eventually intervened following a series of violent incidents, including three deaths.

“They preferred to stay in the shanty towns, just abuse, and illegality,” then-Minister of the Interior Salvini said at the time.

Nationalist Salvini said the elimination of the migrant camp “finally erased one of the most shameful slums in Italy, where degradation, lawlessness, and exploitation proliferated.”

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