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Nigerian YouTube Rapper Urges Migrants in Sweden to Kill and Enslave White People

Asylum seeker with 280000 YouTube followers tells fellow-African refugees to attack whites

 on 13th September 2019 @ 12.00pm
nigerian youtube rapper jesse ekene nweke conable urged his fans to shot  kill and enslave white people © press
Nigerian YouTube rapper Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable urged his fans to shot, kill and enslave white people

A Nigerian asylum seeker living in Sweden has issued a call-to-action to his massive following on social media, urging his fellow-African refugees residing in Europe to shoot, kill and enslave white people.

Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, a Nigerian-born rapper who goes by the handle "JCBUZ," has 280,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, with thousands-more followers across his various other social media channels.

Conable fled Nigeria as a refugee and now lives in the picturesque city of Lund in Skåne, southern Sweden.

During a hate-filled rant in a social media group, Conable sent a message to his following, openly calling on fellow-migrants to commit violence against white people.

In the rant, Conable propagates racism and urges other African migrants living in Europe to go out and kill whites, Swedish outlet Samhällsnytt reports

“If any white guy or white girl is trying to talk sh*t about you, shoot them!” Conable said in a closed group on social media.

nigerian born rapper  jesse ekene nweke conable  urged his followers to kill white people © press
Nigerian-born rapper, Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, urged his followers to kill white people

According to the Samhällsnytt report, Conable's Instagram account Barasvarta (“Blacks only”) is open only to black people and has several hundred followers.

Conable runs the account and it regularly features racist slogans such as “Fuck White People” and “Black Power in Sweden.”

In one of the videos posted on the account, the Nigerian rapper issues a call-to-action to his followers:

“My brothers and sisters, my black brothers and sisters I have an important message for you.

"I just want to tell you all my black brothers and sisters out there – you are special and nobody is like you.

"Continue the war. We blacks will take over – we will become number one – one beautiful day we will become number one – we will take over these whites.

"So as these whites took us as slaves we should take these as slaves and treat them even worse,” Conable says during his disturbing rant.

“We’ll take their b*tches and we’ll take their money,” Conable continues.

"To be perfectly honest, we will be the best race ever.

“We are African warriors, they are not on our level.

"This is just the beginning, black power.”

“This is just the beginning, it starts small but believe me we will grow and become bigger.

"We will be the strongest group in Sweden – nobody will dare to mess with us.

"Just wait, it will be a beautiful day.”

conable or  jcbuz  currently has around 280 000 subscribers on youtube © press
Conable or 'JCBUZ' currently has around 280,000 subscribers on YouTube

Astonishingly, Conable or "JCBUZ" has accumulated nearly 280,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The military-aged Nigerian migrant first arrived in Sweden in 2008.

He now enjoys Swedish citizenship and maintains a residence in Lund.

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