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'Hell Freezes Over' - George Soros Praises Trump on China Policy

Leftist billionaire commends president in op-ed for the Wall Street Journal

 on 10th September 2019 @ 11.15pm
the leftist money man commended trump   s policy as  coherent and genuinely bipartisan © press
The leftist money man commended Trump’s policy as 'coherent and genuinely bipartisan'

Globalist billionaire George Soros praised President Donald Trump's stance against China in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal on Monday.

Soros, who is known to be a fierce critic of Trump, applauded the president's stand against Chinese telecom giant Huawei and urged Congress to maintain the pushback.

Although Soros did not thoroughly shower Trump with praise, he described Trump’s actions against China as the “greatest, and perhaps only, foreign policy accomplishment of the Trump administration.”

The leftist money man commended Trump’s policy as “coherent and genuinely bipartisan,” which necessitated ignoring a large amount of Democrat partisan sniping at Trump’s position on China.

unlike other leftists  soros is one to see the trade war with china as positive © press
Unlike other leftists, Soros is one to see the trade war with China as positive.

Unlike other leftists, Soros is one to see the trade war with China as positive.

The philanthropist said the administration was right to view Beijing as a “strategic rival” and treat Huawei as a “national security threat."

In May, a top United States General warned that search giant Google is closely working with China and 'indirectly benefiting the Chinese military' as a result.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Joseph Dunford, slammed the search giant during Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday.

Soros predicted that “as long as Huawei remains on the [banned] entity list, it will lack crucial technology and be seriously weakened” due to Chinese firms remaining highly dependent upon components obtained from American suppliers.

According to Breitbart: Soros explained his passionate opposition to China is based in large part on apprehension over the Chinese surveillance state and its “social credit system,” a means of enforcing Communist Party dogma by controlling every aspect of public life and depriving citizens of vital services if their citizenship and patriotism are found lacking.

soros had little praise for trump at the world economic forum  depicting him as an equally stubborn obstacle to  open societies  as xi jinping © press
Soros had little praise for Trump at the World Economic Forum, depicting him as an equally stubborn obstacle to 'open societies' as Xi Jinping

“As founder of the Open Society Foundations, my interest in defeating Xi Jinping’s China goes beyond U.S. national interests. As I explained in a speech in Davos earlier this year, I believe that the social-credit system Beijing is building, if allowed to expand, could sound the death knell of open societies not only in China but also around the globe,” he warned.

Soros worried that President Trump would be tempted to make a trade deal with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping that takes the pressure off Huawei.

He pointed to the relief granted by the administration last year to another Chinese telecom company, ZTE, as an example of Trump caving under pressure.

“It’s hard to know exactly what’s motivating Mr. Trump, but he appears desperate for a deal with President Xi to bolster the U.S. stock market and economy to improve his chances at re-election – putting his electoral interests ahead of America’s interests,” he added.

“Congress must prevent this from happening,” Soros insisted.

“Mr. Trump’s own Defense Department and National Security Council recognize the grave threat Huawei poses. If Republicans allow Mr. Trump to bail out the Communist Party-run telecom giant, they will be abdicating their most basic democratic responsibilities.”

Although it does not seem to have reassured Soros, President Trump stated last week that he is not interested in discussing the Huawei ban with China at the moment, contradicting some previous statements that the company could be part of a grand bargain to end the trade war.

“It’s a national security concern. Huawei is a big concern of our military, of our intelligence agencies, and we are not doing business with Huawei,” Trump said.

“We’ll see what happens with respect to China, but Huawei has not been a player that we want to discuss.”

Soros’ antipathy to China is not new.

He made similar statements at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January, castigating Xi Jinping as “the most dangerous opponent of those who believes in the concept of open society.”

“The social credit system is not yet fully operational, but it’s clear where it’s heading. It will subordinate the fate of the individual to the interests of the one-party state in ways unprecedented in history,” he said at the time, advising the Trump administration to “crackdown” on companies like Huawei and ZTE to stop them from dominating the 5G networking market.

Soros had little praise for Trump at the World Economic Forum, depicting him as an equally stubborn obstacle to “open societies” as Xi Jinping.

“The reality is that we are in a Cold War that threatens to turn into a hot one. On the other hand, if Xi and Trump were no longer in power, an opportunity would present itself to develop greater cooperation between the two cyber superpowers,” he said.

“We hope the relevant American can correct his attitude, not be short-sighted, and hold an objective, rational and correct opinion of China’s development,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, pointedly refusing to use Soros’ name.

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