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ISIS Fighter Returns to Sweden, Demands 'Compensation for Missed Welfare Payments'

Jihadists wants $20,800 he missed while away after fighting for Islamic State in Syria

 on 9th September 2019 @ 1.00pm
isis jihadist bherlin gildo left sweden to fight for the islamic state in syria © press
ISIS jihadist Bherlin Gildo left Sweden to fight for the Islamic State in Syria

An ISIS jihadist, who traveled to Syria to fight for the Islamic State, has now returned to Sweden and is demanding thousands in missed welfare payments from the Swedish Government, according to reports.

Bherlin Gildo is accused of attending a terror training camp and distributing propaganda for terrorist groups.

Gildo was captured by British forces and detained in the UK, but after returning to Sweden, he now claims he is owed 200,000 Swedish Krona ($20,800 / 18,700 euros) from the government.

According to Gildo, he is now owed "compensation" because the Social Insurance Agency failed to pay him "activity support" while he was out of the country.

Gildo was one of the very first jihadists to leave Sweden and make the trip to Syria to fight for ISIS.

After joining the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria, photos of him trampling on dead Syrian soldiers, posing with corpses, and humiliating Christians were published on social media, Swedish outlet Expressen reported.

images of bherlin gildo were posted to social media showing him with isis in syria and posing with dead syrian soldiers © press
Images of Bherlin Gildo were posted to social media showing him with ISIS in Syria and posing with dead Syrian soldiers

In late 2014, British authorities arrested Gildo and charged him with terrorist offenses.

He was later released in June of 2015 and charges were dropped after the case fell apart in court.

As the British media put it, the case collapsed following a “wrangle between lawyers” when intelligence services refused to hand over evidence.”

Gildo then returned to Sweden, following his release from British custody, where he changed his name and address.

Now, he’s demanding compensation for the benefits he didn’t receive while he was in custody.

Terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp says this represents the first case where a Swedish jihadist has demanded damages from the state.

images of bherlin gildo posted to social media show his proximity to the fighting in syria © press
Images of Bherlin Gildo posted to social media show his proximity to the fighting in Syria

Mr. Ranstorp referred to Gildo’s demands as “bizarre.”

Ranstorp went on to stress that Gildo’s documented terrorist acts in Syria have had no legal consequences whatsoever.

“I would say he is disgustingly open about what he has been doing down there," Ranstorp explains.

"The pictures he posed in and the like...

"That’s why I wonder why they didn’t start a preliminary investigation into war crimes given what he did,” Ranstorp said.

Approximately 300 "Swedes" are known to have traveled to the Middle East to join terrorist groups.

Today, many have returned because Sweden has one of the most relaxed policies on jihadist “returnees” in all of Europe.

Despite many of these "returnees" having committed crimes while in the Middle East, almost none have been prosecuted for them.

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